Grothmar Valley Overview

GW2 Grothmar Valley map

The Icebrood Saga takes you to Grothmar Valley, but quickly whisks you off to other maps, never to return. Which is a pity, because this is a great map which hearkens back to the Core Tyria maps in all the best ways. From the quirky events to the fall aesthetic, there’s a lot to love about Grothmar Valley.

TIP: If you haven’t been to the metal concert, it’s worth visiting Grothmar Valley just to check it out. This meta event is a delight.

Home to several meta events, a ton of achievements, two Roller Beetle races, and a challenging jumping puzzle, Grothmar Valley wins our title of “Most Underrated Guild Wars 2 Map.”

How to Get to Grothmar Valley

To get to Grothmar Valley you either need to have the Icebrood Saga unlocked, or use a Teleport to a Friend. Grothmar Valley is not physically connected to any other maps, so you can’t just walk there.

Start the Icebrood Saga prologue “Bound by Blood,” or take a chopper from Jora’s Keep in Bjora Marches.

Grothmar Valley Events

The main meta events in Grothmar Valley are:

  • Ooze Pits
  • Metal Concert
  • Effigy
  • Doomlore Shrine

These events are on timers which you can check on the official event timers page.

Other events like the demolition derby, daily codebreaker, and the chef event are dynamic events which don’t spawn on a timer.

Map Currency: Hatched Chili

Hatched Chilis are the map currency of Grothmar Valley. You can harvest these from nodes which are marked on the map with a green chili pepper icon. Beware of the mobs of devourers who guard the harvesting nodes.

The Rally Provisioner merchant sells a variety of skins, minis, guild hall decorations, and recipes in exchange for Hatched Chilis.

See our Hatched Chili Guide for more details.


Grothmar Valley achievements include:

Legion Keys

As you work your way around Grothmar Valley, you can earn Legion Keys from meta events:

  • Ash Legion Key (Doomlore)
  • Blood Legion Key (Ooze Pit)
  • Flame Legion Key (Flame Effigy)
  • Iron Legion Key (Metal Concert)

For more information on Legion Keys, including our opinion on whether to keep or sell them, see our Guide to Grothmar Valley Legion Keys.

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