Jade Bot guide

GW2 jade Bot

The GW2 End of Dragons expansion introduced Jade Bots. These cute flying robots unlock powerful benefits for your character.


Jade Bot vs Jade Mech

Jade Bots are small, flying robots which are available to any character who finishes the fifth End of Dragons story step, The Scenic Route. Jade Bots are only deployed when they are working.

Jade Mechs are large, humanoid robots which are only available to Engineers with the Mechanist elite specialization. Jade Mechs are always deployed.

Note: You can rename your Jade Mech. You cannot rename your Jade Bot.

Unlock and use the Jade Bot

To unlock the Jade Bot, finish the fifth End of Dragons story step, The Scenic Route. When you arrive in New Kaineng and finish this story step:

  • Jade Bots are unlocked.
  • The Jade Bot mastery track is unlocked.
  • You get a Tier 1 Jade Bot Power Core.
  • You get a Mount Energy Booster Service Chip.

To use the Jade Bot, you must equip a Jade Bot Power Core and have a jade energy charge from a Jade Battery.

  • To equip a Power Core, find a Jade Bot Workbench.
    • These are located throughout Cantha.
    • Interact with the Jade Bot Workbench. Click the Jade Bot Core to equip it on your Jade Bot.
  • To get a jade energy charge, find a Jade Battery.
    • These are located throughout Cantha.
    • Interact with the Jade Battery. Your Jade bot appears and charge itself from the battery.

Jade Bot Power Cores

When you finish the story step to unlock the Jade Bot, you also receive a Tier 1 Jade Bot Power Core. You can craft Power Cores with the Jeweler crafting discipline, or buy them on the Trading Post.

To craft a Power Core, you need:

  • A character with level 400 Jeweler crafting skill.
  • The recipe, available for purchase from a Xunlai Jade Sales Associate.
  • Level 1 Jade Bot mastery (Gliding Booster) unlocked.

Jade Bot upgrade: Sensory Array

Requirement: Tier 1 Jade Bot Power Core.

Available arrays:

  • Scavenger: Gives you bonus loot from kills. Available options are:
    • Wood
    • Metal
    • Leather
    • Cloth
    • Magic items
    • Might items
  • Recycler: Turns certain junk items into bonus currency. Available options are:
    • Karma
    • Jade Slivers
    • Dragonite Ore
    • Bloodstone Dust
    • Empyreal Fragments
  • Siege Enhancer: Improves Siege Turtle damage.
  • Mount Energy Booster: Improves your mount’s energy recovery.

Best Jade Bot Sensory Array

The best Sensory Array is the Mount Energy Booster. This lets you flap your Griffin more often, leap your Raptor sooner, and so forth.

Although the Scavenger and Recycler options sound good, in practice they don’t give you enough to make it worth while.

Jade Bot upgrade: Service Chip

Requirement: Tier 6 Power Core.

Available chips:

  • Jade Assistant: Improves Gliding boost.
  • Skiff Supercharger: Increases Skiff speed.
  • Rescue Protocol: Reduces the cooldown on the Rescue Protocol skill.
  • Treasure Hunter: Scans for treasure chests.

Best Jade Bot Service Chip

If you spend a lot of time in the Silverwastes, the Treasure Hunter chips are your best option. Otherwise, we recommend the Rescue Protocol chips.

Jade Bot mastery track

The Jade Bot mastery track requires a total of 15 Mastery Points to fully unlock.

  • Gliding Booster: Get an upward boost while you’re gliding.
  • Multicharge: Hold more jade energy charges.
  • Jade Tech Waypoint: Set a personal waypoint.
  • Energy Efficiency: Gather more jade energy charges.
  • Rescue Protocol: Your Jade Bot revives you when you are downed.

Best Jade Bot mastery

The most useful Jade Bot masteries are:

  • Jade Tech Waypoint: This has a 10-minute cooldown, but it’s nice to be able to place a single-use fast travel waypoint anywhere you want.
    • 10-minute cooldown.
    • Not available in PVP, WVW, or instanced PVE content.
  • Rescue Protocol: This new fourth Downed skill is extremely powerful.
    • 10-minute cooldown.
    • Not available in Raids, Strikes, Fractals, sPVP, or WvW.

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