Open Colored Chests in Bjora Marches

Green chest in Bjora Marches Guild Wars 2

Have you been unable to open a red, green, or blue colored Essence Chest in the Bjora Marches GW2 map? These chests are a source of great confusion among many players.

As you have probably guessed, you have to train a mastery in order to open these chests. However, the answer is more complicated than that.

How Do I Open the Red, Green, and Blue Chests?

Much like the Essence Manipulation mechanic against enemies in Bjora Marches, Essence Chests work like “rock, paper, scissors”. You have to train the correct Icebrood Saga mastery track to “beat” the chest you’re trying to open.

  • To open green chests (Valor), train the red mastery (Resilience)
  • To open blue chests (Vigilance), train the green mastery (Valor)
  • To open red chests (Resilience) train the blue mastery (Vigilance)

You need Tier 1 mastery to open the small chests, and Tier 2 mastery to open the medium chests.

Why Is This So Complicated?

When designing the Icebrood Saga, the developers mentioned that they wanted to find a way to make the content challenging for all players.

“Power creep” means that there’s about a 10x difference between the DPS of an average casual player, versus the DPS of a fully-geared out hardcore raid specialist.

This means that any given boss fight may be difficult for an average player, but easy for a 10x player. If you want to make a fight difficult for both kinds of player, you have to get creative.

This is most likely where the “rock paper scissors” comes from.

The good news is, after you train Tier 2 mastery in all three tracks, you will be able to open every chest without a problem.

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