Dragonfall Meta

Dragonfall meta guide Guild Wars 2

The Dragonfall meta event is currently one of the most lucrative farms in GW2, in terms of both gold and karma. Learn how this map-wide meta event works, and how to optimize your time in the map.


The Dragonfall meta works similar to The Silverwastes meta, with a few mechanics borrowed from the Heart of Thorns maps.

Like The Silverwastes, Dragonfall does not work on a timer. Each map progresses at its own speed.

A fresh map starts with only one waypoint. In the first phase, players set up camps and do an escort mission which activates the waypoints. After establishing camps, players do events in each area to bring up the camp’s tier.

The second phase is the final battle. This battle culminates in three champions, who must be defeated within 30 seconds of each other.

After the final battle is complete, the map will remain open for 20 minutes. At the end of that time, players are all teleported into a fresh map, and the process begins again.


Dragonfall is the best karma train in the game, by far. To maximize your karma gain, buy the Karmic Retribution buff. You can buy a total of three of these stackable buffs:

  • Level 1: 1,000 Volatile Magic + 5 Gold
  • Level 2: 5,000 Volatile Magic + 10 Gold
  • Level 3: 10,000 Volatile Magic + 15 Gold

These buffs are available for sale by the Mist Warden Quartermaster near the main Pact Command waypoint.

NOTE: In order to buy from the Mist Warden Quartermaster, you must complete the Cutting Weeds achievement for completing 10 events in Melandru’s Lost Domain.

Diminishing Returns in Dragonfall

Unlike most other loot-based activities in Guild Wars 2, Diminishing Returns (DR) does not apply to the Dragonfall meta. This means you can run the Dragonfall meta all day every day, without experiencing a drop in the amount or quality of loot you receive.

Mistborn Coffer Keys

The main source of loot in Dragonfall is the Mistborn Coffers (chests) which appear after successful events.

You can only open a Mistborn Coffer with a Mistborn Key. These keys drop from events. You cannot purchase them from a vendor or on the Trading Post. Thus, the only way to open Mistborn Coffers is to participate in events.

Mounts for the Dragonfall Meta

Skyscale is ideal for the Dragonfall meta. If you don’t have a Skyscale yet, you can get by with just a Griffin and a Springer.

After you have finished Living World Season 4, you will be able to borrow Skyscales from around the map. I recommend you use a borrowed Skyscale as much as possible.

In particular, there’s a Skyscale available quite near one of the Shrines which appears at the end of Phase 1. Make a note of its location, as this is a convenient place to travel as you do the meta.

Dragonfall Shrines

Shrine map icon

Shrines appear around the map at the end of Phase 1. Double-click the Shrine on the map to teleport to its location, like a free Waypoint.

You can double-click to travel to a Shrine in Dragonfall even if you are in combat or dead.

Phase 1: Camp Setup

Technically called The Battle of Dragonfall, this phase is three mini-meta events, one for each zone:

  • Mist Warden Camp Operations
  • Olmakhan Camp Operations
  • Crystal Bloom Camp Operations

If your map has a Commander Tag, follow the tag. Most commanders will go through each camp’s mini-meta in order, which means you get the maximum amount of loot.

Each camp setup involves an escort mission to bring the portable waypoint to its final location. This phase is quite lucrative, with 3 Mistborn Coffers for each completed camp.

After setting up camp, the goal of this meta is to push each camp’s readiness to Tier 4. To do this, complete events and revive fallen ally NPCs in the zone.

When each of the three camps hits Tier 4, the next phase of the meta begins.

Phase 2: Ley Reflectors and Brandstorm Disruptors

The second phase of the meta event, technically called Break the Crystal Dragon, consists of several mini-metas.

As with the first phase, this can seem chaotic if you’re following a tag. If there is only one tag on the map, they will hop from one zone to the next, to make sure all the events get completed.

First, players escort NPCs who set up ley reflectors in each of the three zones. Next, players defend the NPCs as they set up Brandstorm disruptors in each of the three zones.

After all three Brandstorm disruptors are in place, the Brandstorm collapses. You will see a map-wide notification that “The Brandstorm protecting the Crystal Dragon has fallen. A path to the Crystal Dragon has been opened!” and the final battle begins.

Phase 3: Weak Spots and Bosses

It’s finally time to engage Kralkatorrik! Until you are familiar with the map, you will definitely need to follow a tag for the next part.

The First 6 Weak Spots

For this phase, players first need to destroy 6 of Kralkatorrik’s 12 weak spots. Each weak spot is a purple glowing crystal which you must destroy, while evading or killing enemy mobs.

If an Elite Branded Mender appears, attacking it takes priority. If left alone, these Menders will heal the weak spot and make it invulnerable to attack.

If you die in combat during Phase 3, please travel to a nearby Waypoint or Shrine. This is a fast-paced event which requires close timing, so if someone stops to revive you, that’s two people out of combat. If you lie there dead, it scales up the event for the other players.


After 6 of Kralkatorrik’s weak spots have been destroyed, three Legendary Branded bosses appear. These bosses must be killed within 30 seconds of each other. Keep a close eye on the boss’s health, and both map and local chat, to coordinate with other players.

The Last 6 Weak Spots

After the Legendary Branded bosses have been killed, it’s time to destroy the last 6 weak spots and defeat Kralkatorrik. This process is the same as before, but with more enemy mobs to deal with.

Upon success, you will see the map-wide notification that “Kralkatorrik has sealed himself inside an impenetrable crystal cocoon.” A timer for 20 minutes will begin to count down.

At the end of 20 minutes, you will get the notification that “Strange, volatile energy is beginning to build up within Kralkatorrik.” After which, the map closes, and you are transported to a fresh Dragonfall map.

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