SAB Glitched Weapons

The Guild Wars 2 Super Adventure Festival 2020 features newly-added glitches. These generate a small jumping puzzle and create a chain of events which can end with you receiving one of the new Glitched Weapon skins. These skins are part of the Glitched Adventure festival collection.

NOTE: The glitches are available in all three difficulty levels. If you’re only doing SAB for the Glitched Weapon skins, we recommend you run the levels on Infantile mode.

How to Find and Defeat Glitches

Currently, the best guide to finding and defeating all the glitches is found in this Reddit post. We will update this article with new information as the festival progresses.

Step 1: Find the red crystal. One is hidden in each zone.

Step 2: Hit the red crystal with your weapon. A set of floating wooden platforms will appear.

Step 3: Follow the wooden platforms. They are a timed jumping puzzle. If you fail the jumping puzzle before they disappear, go back to the red crystal and start over. You can restart the jumping puzzle as often as you like.

Step 4: At the end of the jumping puzzle you will find a green crystal. Hit it to defeat the glitch and earn a Glitched Chest. You can hit this crystal with any of your weapons, including bombs and slingshot.

Step 5: Continue the zone. When you defeat the boss at the end of the zone, a Glitched Chest will be included with the usual loot.

How Many Glitches Can You Get per Day?

  • Each Super Adventure Box zone has one glitch to defeat.
  • You can defeat each glitch once per day per account.
  • There are two Super Adventure Box worlds, with three zones each.
  • Therefore if you do a full run every day, you can get six Glitched Chests.

NOTE: This does not mean you can earn six Glitched Weapon skins a day. Each Glitched Chest has only a chance to drop a random Glitched Weapon skin.

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