Find the Last Location on a Map

Norn Village in Guild Wars 2

Having trouble finding those last few items you need to complete a map? Learn proven strategies for finding a POI, Heart, or Vista on a map.

The Map View Trick

Use this simple UI trick to locate the missing location.

Click M to switch to the map view. Adjust the map so that you can see the entire map on your monitor.

Now mouse over the legend in the upper left-hand corner. Any unclaimed locations will flash on the map.

If your missing location doesn’t light up, that means it’s in a part of the map that is:

  • Not visible in your current view. Adjust the view so that you can see the whole map. Some points will not light up if you aren’t zoomed in enough.
  • Not on your current layer. Some maps have locations which are on different levels. Try repeating this process for each map layer.
  • Not explored yet. Locations in grayed-out areas will not flash. Hunt around the map for areas which are still covered by the “fog of war.”

Check the Wiki

If you can’t find your missing location with the previous trick, the next step is to go item-by-item through the official wiki’s entry for that map.

Look up the map on the wiki and go to the Locations section. Go through each item one at a time. Click the location to go to its page and see where it is on the map.

This process is tedious but foolproof.

Use an Interactive Map

Another option is to browse one of the interactive Guild Wars 2 maps available online. The MMORPG Life website has an interactive map which includes all of the core Tyria maps which are required for World Completion.

Missing a Heart? Talk to a Scout.

If your missing item is a Renown Heart, it might be one of the “secret” hearts. You can learn the location of these secret hearts by talking to a Scout. Look for the Scout’s gold telescope icon on the map.

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