Should I Use My Level 80 Boost?

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Guild Wars 2 often hands out level 80 boosts. These will boost any character immediately to the level cap. Players often wonder, what should I do with this max-level boost? Use it now, or save it for later?

Counter-intuitive opinion based on years of experience playing GW2: You should delete it.

Why Not Use It on Your First Character?

This is the worst thing you can do. Insta-80 players get dumped straight into the end game with no idea what they are doing, or how to do it.

Leveling your character the traditional way does not take very long. (About 40 hours, give or take.) And along the way, you experience so much content, and get invaluable practice with the game that you will need in order to enjoy the end.

Additional counter-intuitive opinion based on years of experience playing Guild Wars 2: The pre-80 content is the best part!

The personal story is the best story content in the game. The NPCs and events you encounter in core Tyria are the most fully fleshed-out, surprising, and entertaining. And nothing beats the feeling of finally leveling up far enough to venture into a brand new map.

PSA: Don’t Rush to 80!

You’ll miss out on so much of the game. Guild Wars 2 isn’t the kind of game where the pre-level-cap content is just something you have to grind through to get to “the good stuff.”

Why Not Hang On to the Boost for Later?

First of all, if you play consistently, you will be showered in Tomes of Experience. I have 2.5 stacks – STACKS – of these in my bank vault right now.

Second of all, if you want to start a new character with a different profession, playing the game is how you learn how to play that profession.

If you use a level 80 boost, you will have the same problem as before: You’ll be a child in an adult’s body. You will be a level 80 Necro (or whatever) with absolutely no idea how to play Necro (or whatever).

Why does ArenaNet even give out level 80 boosts if they’re so awful?

I can’t think of a more efficient way to destroy a player’s experience than to instantly level them to 80 and drop them in the game without a clue as to how to play it. But some people REALLY want to skip immediately to the endgame, and this lets them do that.

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4 Replies to “Should I Use My Level 80 Boost?”

  1. This post is worthless. At what point should i use the level 80 boost is what people would like to know. Waste of time here

    1. Hi Chelsea, we recommend that you never use the level 80 boost, for all the reasons outlined in the article.

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