Warclaw Mount Guide

Sylvari riding a reclining GW2 warclaw mount

The Warclaw is the only mount you can use in GW2’s WvW mode. Although you can use the Warclaw in PVE, there isn’t much point to it there, as it is designed for WvW.

In WVW, Warclaw provides a valuable speed boost. Warclaw also has special abilities which let you cause more damage to gates and other players.

How Do You Unlock the Warclaw?

To unlock Warclaw, spend 1 WVW Ability Point in the Warclaw Mastery.

Note: You must be in WVW when you do this. The Warclaw Mastery can be found with the other WVW Masteries, on the WVW Panel

How Do You Get the Warclaw?

Unlocking Warclaw requires two things: Time and currency.

Time: You must finish the Warclaw Reward Track. This takes 8-10 hours to complete, depending on your WVW experience.

To speed up this process, if you belong to a guild with a developed Guild Tavern, get the WVW Reward Track Boost from Nathan the Bartender.

There are several parts you need to collect for the Warclaw. You will almost certainly collect them in the course of playing WVW to complete the Warclaw Reward Track:

  • Warclaw Gorget: Capture a keep
  • Warclaw Horn Spikes: Capture a camp
  • Warclaw Saddle: Capture a tower
  • Warclaw Tail Armor: Kill a guard


  • Warclaw Body Armor: Buy for 50 WVW Skirmish Claim Tickets
  • Warclaw Leg Armor: Buy for 250 Badges of Honor

When you complete the collection, you are awarded the Warclaw Certificate of Ownership. Double-click the certificate to consume it.

You can then complete the final step. Purchase a Warclaw from Evie the Warclaw Tender for 8 gold.

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