Silverwastes Breach Guide

Red Rock Bastion in Guild Wars 2 The Silverwastes

Breach is part of the map meta event in The Silverwastes. Breach is the second phase of the meta event, and happens after enough events have been completed and forts defended.

The orange progress bar on the upper right-hand corner of your screen tracks your map’s progress towards Breach.

What to Do During Breach

During Breach, holes open up in the center of each GW2 Silverwastes fort. Jump down (don’t just walk in) and fight a champ.

If all four forts kill their champs within the allotted timespan, Breach succeeds, and everyone wins a ton of loot:

  • 30 Bandit Crests
  • 1 Key of Greater Nightmares
  • 5 Heirloom Seed Pouches
  • 3 Bags of Rare Gear

Use an Experimental Mordrem Extraction Device (organ extractor)

Before Breach starts, double-click on an Experimental Mordrem Extraction Device (a.k.a. “organ extractor”) in your inventory to activate it.

You can buy an organ extractor from the vendor near the Camp Resolve waypoint. They can also be purchased from vendors in each camp, but you have to catch them in between events. Unless you want a specific Mordrem organ, pick the all-purpose Mordrem Organ Extractor.

Mordrem organs are used for the Luminescent Armor collection. You can also sell them to the Cryptobotanist on the map in exchange for bandit crests.

TIP: The extractor is good for several hours. It’s better to use it too early than too late.

If You Die, Waypoint

If you die, waypoint back to Camp Resolve. As long as you tagged the boss, you will get credit for the event. There is probably enough time for you to run back to your designated fort and continue attacking.

DO NOT just lie there. The number of players scales the event. If you lie there dead, you will make the fight much worse for everyone else.

Each Silverwastes Breach champ has its own combat mechanic.

Red Rock Bastion: Copper Husk

  • Stand on the ledge at the entrance of the room and use a ranged attack.
  • DO NOT use AoE attacks.
  • Husk is vulnerable to conditions. Use CC.
  • Focus your attacks on the boss. Ignore the bubbles and smaller enemies.

Indigo Cave: Silver and Gold Teragriffs

This is the most difficult of the Breach fights, and the one most likely to fail.

  • The Teragriffs have a powerful AoE shout attack. They use it when they meet in the middle.
  • The best strategy is to split into two groups and kite the Teragriffs away from each other.
  • If a Teragriff is charging towards you, dodge towards the wall.
  • Do not touch the fiery trail the Teragriff leaves behind.

This fight features a bunch of poison bubbles along the path of the Teragriffs. When a poison bubble pops, it leaves a white AoE. The bubble needs to be popped just as the Teragriff gets near. If a Teragriff hits this AoE, it gets stunned. Time to attack!

Timing is important. Do not just blindly pop the bubbles.

Blue Oasis: Platinum Thrasher

  • Mesmers and Guardians, use Reflect skills to reflect the Thrasher’s thrown poison attack. (When it spins around and throws poison everywhere.)
  • Do not use crowd control (CC) skills.
  • Do not pop the poison bubbles near the Thrasher. These will buff it, and poison nearby players.
  • Do not use AoE attacks, as these might pop bubbles.
  • Kill the poison vents quickly. If they are up for 10 seconds, they will grant the Thrasher an extra attack.

Amber Sandfall: Iron Troll

This one is simple. Hit it as hard as you can, until it’s dead.

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