Tangled Labyrinth Guide

Large flower which grants the Cold Light immunity in Guild Wars 2 Tangled Labyrinth

After Breach and Vinewrath, Tangled Labyrinth becomes available. This event takes place in an underground maze and is commonly known as “Pac-Man.” This is where you use the Greater Key of Nightmares you have been collecting during GW2 Silverwastes runs.

Survive the Tangled Labyrinth

The Tangled Labyrinth is patrolled by glowing dogs called Bioluminescent Lurchers. These will insta-kill you.

To avoid certain death, touch one of the big flowers which are marked with an orange gear on your mini-map. This gives you the Cold Light buff, and turns you into a sort of flying, glowing plant, which the Bioluminescent Lurchers ignore.

NOTE: Gliding and mounts are both available in Tangled Labyrinth. Use these to your advantage.

Beware! Players will often (either deliberately or by accident) train Lurchers into the center of the maze, near the big chest. If several Lurchers are in the area, it’s best to wait by the waypoint until they leave.

Open Chests – Greater Nightmare Pod

Head to the center of the Labyrinth, where you will find a large chest. This chest opens with the Greater Key of Nightmares.

TIP: You don’t have to do the Labyrinth every time you are in the Silverwastes. You can use more than one Greater Key of Nightmares at a time, so feel free to save them up and use them all at once later.

Tangled Labyrinth Meta Event

The Labyrinth also has a four-tiered event chain which consists of running around the Labyrinth opening the small Nightmare Chests in order to get Key Fragments. These events require a great deal of coordination and map-wide effort to complete, and thus are virtually never done.

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