What Is RIBA?

Crashed Pact helicopter in The Silverwastes Guild Wars 2 map

Seen “RIBA” in Guild Wars 2 map chat for The Silverwastes or LFG entries? Wondering what it means?

RIBA stands for Red, Indigo, Blue, Amber – the four Silverwaste bases. RIBA is the rotation squads use to push the Silverwastes map to breach.

On a RIBA map, a commander leads their squad to Red Rock Bastion, then to Indigo Cave, to Blue Oasis, to Amber Sandfall, and then back to Red Rock Bastion to start again.

If you are on a RIBA map, follow the commander tag through that route. Clear each base and wait for the Mordrem attacks to subside, then go to the next one in the rotation.

Typically the commander will ask a few people to stay behind at each base and do the minor events: Gathering rubble, escorting dolyaks, etc.

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