Vinewrath Walkthrough

Mordrem Vinewrath Silverwastes boss in Guild Wars 2

Vinewrath is the final phase of the GW2 Silverwastes meta. After Breach, you will see a timer counting down 2 minutes until the Pact choppers land. When they land, Vinewrath begins.

Vinewrath takes place on the western edge of the map. When the event starts, large orange arrows will appear on the map, pointing to the event’s three lanes: North, Mid, and South.

TIP: Not sure where to go after Breach? Just follow the other players who are heading west. Most people head directly for the Vinewrath lanes after Breach.

The Four Phases of Vinewrath

1. Defend your siege carrier from Mordrem while you wait to fight your lane’s boss.
2. Enter the big cave and fight your lane’s boss.
3. Defend your siege carrier from Mordrem while you wait for the other lane(s) to fight their boss.
4. If Vinewrath succeeds, run in and collect your loot.

Do not go AFK. If you must leave your computer, please waypoint back to Camp Resolve, so that you don’t scale the fight.

Refill Ammo

Each lane’s siege carrier is carrying ammunition from the ammo cache to the vine wall. If the ammo cache runs empty, you need to resupply it.

  • North: Dodge-roll into the coconut trees around the ammo dump. Ammunition will fall from the trees. It will land on your head and briefly stun you. (Annoying.) Grab the ammunition once you recover, and take it to the ammo dump.
  • Mid and South: Ammo is airdropped. Run out and grab the yellow kites, then bring them back to the ammo dump.

Fighting the Lane Boss

Each lane gets a different boss with its own unique fight mechanic. By the way, you might not end up fighting “your” boss. If one lane fails their boss fight, that boss gets bumped to the next lane.

IMPORTANT: You only have three minutes to kill the champion. Do not stop to rez a dead player, and don’t attack any smaller monsters that spawn, you don’t have the time. Focus on attacking the champion, or the event will fail.

For all bosses, use ranged attacks.

South: Champion Mordrem Beekeeper

A big slab of beeswax will grow in the south side of the cave. When the Beekeeper moves to the front of the cave, it will use a laser beam attack. Hide in the white AoE square behind the beeswax to survive.

Mid: Champion Mordrem Mangler

When the Mangler starts spinning around, Guardians and Mesmers please use reflect skills to protect everyone from the thrown poison.

IMPORTANT: Kill pustules and stand in the white AoE circle to get a buff that will make you glow purple.

When the Mangler moves to the front of the cave, follow it (fast!) and stand in the white AoE triangle in front of it to survive.

North: Champion Mordrem Dark Wing

Use ranged attacks on the Teragriff.

IMPORTANT: Attack the blossoms. When the flower unfolds, jump up and stand on it. If you are on the floor when it turns to lava, you will be instantly killed.

After Vinewrath

When Vinewrath is done, go back into the cave to collect your loot! There is a loot chest in the center, flanked by either 1 or 2 Bandit Chests on each side.

NOTE: The big chest has a very tiny chance to drop a Preserved Queen Bee which is the most highly sought-after item that can drop from this meta. Good luck!

After you get your loot, hurry! Run back through the mid lane, following the trail of other players. Immediately after Vinewrath, everyone runs out and fights the “three champs” in the main map, one right after the other.

This is when the Tangled Labyrinth becomes available. See our guide on Tangled Labyrinth for more information.

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