When is Festival of the Four Winds?

Loading screen for the Guild Wars 2 Queen's Pavilion during Festival of the Four Winds

UPDATE Aug 31, 2021: Festival of the Four Winds is live! The festival runs through September 21, 2021.

UPDATE Aug 24, 2021: According to this official announcement, Festival of the Four Winds starts August 31, 2021.

Previously, ArenaNet confirmed they don’t want Festival of the Four Winds to overlap with the beta test. But “It’s coming, don’t worry” and “Stay tuned!”

Check back for more GW2 coverage of the Festival of the Four Winds, and browse our other F4W articles while you’re waiting for the holiday to start.

4 Replies to “When is Festival of the Four Winds?”

    1. Oh well, can’t win ’em all! I updated the article with a link to this morning’s official announcement that the festival will start next Tuesday.

  1. Man the dates on this article are ridiculous. It says it was posted on 10th and comments are from 3rd and 4th August.

    And an official announcement was mentioned which I can’t find anywhere.

    1. LOL sorry about that. I recycle this same article every year, just updating the dates. I forgot there are comments attached to it, which can definitely be confusing. I’ll start creating new ones for each year to avoid this problem in the future.

      To clarify, there aren’t any official updates on Festival of the Four Winds for 2021 (that I have seen so far).

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