Who Is Bubbles?

Concept art of the elderGuild Wars 2 deep sea dragon aka Bubbles

Have you heard other players mention Bubbles and wondered what – or who – is Bubbles? Read on to learn more about this mysterious unnamed Elder Dragon in GW2.

Officially, Bubbles is referred to in Guild Wars 2 as simply Deep Sea Dragon. This is the sixth Elder Dragon, the other five being Primordus, Jormag, Zhaitan, Kralkatorrik, and Mordremoth. Unlike the other five Elder Dragons, Bubbles remains a mystery.

The Durmond Priory has done research which indicates that this dragon’s name starts with the letter S. Therefore, some players refer to this dragon as Steve.

At one point, players speculated that Bubbles was asleep deep below Divinity’s Reach. However, the game has indicated that this dragon lives deep under sea. Its association with the depths of the ocean, and a small handful of references to its corruption power being water, is what led to players naming this dragon Bubbles.

Every time a new expansion or Living World chapter is on the horizon, players wonder if this will be the one where we finally face Bubbles. Apparently Bubbles has been creating minions from the depths of Tyria’s lakes and seas, presumably building up an underwater army.

Speculation about Bubbles often involves speculation about the future of underwater combat. In fact, some players theorize that ArenaNet did have plans to bring Bubbles on to center stage, but that these plans were scrapped when they decided to permanently move away from underwater combat. (Underwater combat is considered one of the most-hated aspects of Guild Wars 2. Personally I don’t mind it, and I love a lot of the underwater environments they have created, but what can ya do.)

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