Malchor’s Leap Elder Wood Farm

Loading screen for the Guild Wars 2 Malchor's Leap map

Malchor’s Leap is home to what is arguably the best farm in the game. If you need Elder Wood, or you want to make gold in GW2, then Malchor’s Leap is the place to go.

Unlike most other farms, the Elder Wood nodes in Malchor’s Leap respawn every few hours. This means you can do a farming run several times a day.

Where Is the Best Elder Wood Farm?

Although Elder Wood is plentiful throughout Malchor’s Leap, the best place to farm is located in the Theater of Delight section of the map.

Head directly west from Pagga’s Waypoint. South of the Rayhan Bayt POI is a statue surrounded by 4-6 Elder Wood logging nodes.

Many players (myself included) park multiple characters at the Elder Wood farm and cycle through these “alts” to farm around the statue.

Corruption at the Elder Wood Farm

Periodically, the area around the statue will begin swirling with a green gas, and your character will take Bleed damage from thorns which pop up out of the ground. The Cripple effect will slow you down significantly. Makes it hard to farm!

The source of this corruption is the Lyssa event which takes place on the other half of the map. Defeat the High Priestess of Lyssa, and the corruption will clear. Then you can go back to farming in peace.

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