Winterberry Gold Farm

Guild Wars 2 winterberry bush

Have you heard players talk about the “winterberry farm” in the GW2 Bitterfrost Frontier map, and wondered how you turn winterberries into gold? Or how to use winterberries to buy ascended gear? Read on to learn how to farm winterberries for gold and ascended trinkets and backpieces.

How to Harvest Winterberries

The Bitterfrost Frontier map is full of Winterberry Bushes. These are marked on the mini map with a red icon. The bushes are guarded by mobs that respawn quickly, so be prepared to either fight or run.

NOTE: We recommend that you fight the mobs, because they drop good loot. In fact, you will see a lot of players (usually necros with minions) camping out at the winterberry bush nodes, semi-AFK farming the mobs.

Winterberry bushes respawn once a day. You can harvest each bush once per day per character.

Buy Ascended Gear With Winterberries

Winterberries are a valuable currency. You can buy a lot of good items with them from the vendors on the map. The best of these are stat-selectable ascended items:

  • Black Ice Band: A stat-selectable ascended ring.
  • Black Ice Earring: A stat-selectable ascended accessory.
  • Icebrood Horn Backpack: A stat-selectable ascended backpiece.
  • Wegloop’s Air Helmet: A stat-selectable ascended rebreather.

You can buy these stat-selectable ascended items from Slooshoo, the quaggan merchant on the second (upstairs) level of Sorrow’s Eclipse Sanctuary in Bitterfrost Frontier.

Farm Gold With Winterberries

If you’re looking to make gold with winterberries in Guild Wars 2, here are the steps:

Step 1: Convert the winterberries into Unbound Magic. Double-click on a winterberry, or right-click and select “consume all.”

Step 2: Use the Unbound Magic to buy Magic-Warped Bundles. NOTE: You can buy either Magic-Warped Bundles or Packets. Drop rate research on the GW2 wiki shows that Bundles are worth more gold.

Step 3: Open the Magic-Warped Bundles and sell the materials on the Trading Post.

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