Best Ways to Farm Branded Mass

Branded Mass is the special currency/item from the GW2 Thunderhead Peaks map. If you’re working on unlocking Skyscale, you need 250 Branded Mass to buy a Deldrimor Rivet for the Skyscale Saddle Collection.

Note: If you already have a Skyscale, you can uise Branded Mass to buy other premium items from vendors in Thunderhead Peaks. You can also use Branded Mass as a crafting ingredient for Diviner’s gear and the Dragonsblood weapons, or double-click to consume it in exchange for Volatile Magic. For a full list of what you can use Branded Mass for, see the official wiki.

Read on to learn the most efficient ways to farm Branded Mass, including some unusual methods you may not know.

Dragon Crystal Home Instance Node

You can mine Branded Mass from Dragon Crystal nodes in Thunderhead Peaks. You can also buy a node for your home instance for 10,000 Volatile Magic plus 50 Gold from Kynon at The Forge. You can get up to 3 Branded Mass from this node per day.

Exchange Volatile Magic for Branded Mass

Once per day you can exchange 20 Volatile Magic for a Branded Mass from the Traveling Elonian Trader in Dragonfall.

Buy the daily maximum of 5 Branded Mass for 100 Volatile Magic.

Exchange Eternal Ice Shards for Branded Mass

Once per day you can exchange 2,688 Karma plus 75 Eternal Ice Shards for 10 Branded Mass from Anette Eymundrdottir in Bjora Marches.

You can buy up to 10 Eternal Ice Shards from her per day for 2,688 Karma apiece.

Thunderhead Peaks Map Completion

It’s worth doing map completion while you’re there, as the map complete reward includes 25 Branded Mass.

Thunderhead Peaks Reward Track

If you prefer PVP or WVW to farming in PVE, activate the Thunderhead Peaks Reward Track. You earn 50 Branded Mass from the final cache, plus up to 17 more in the course of the reward track.


The reward for completing 9 of the 12 Return to All or Nothing achievements is 250 Branded Mass.

Wrathbringer (North Meta) and Sulpix (South Meta)

After defeating the Wrathbinger (north meta) or Sulypix (south meta), you get 5 Branded Mass from the final chest per character per day, plus 6 bonus Dragon Crystal nodes which appear nearby after the event.

Wrathbringer is the final stage of the Thunderhead Keep meta event (a.k.a. “North Meta”) which starts every 2 hours.

Sulypix is the final stage of the “reclaimed oil” meta event in Ice Floe (a.k.a. “South Meta”).

You can park multiple characters on the map and earn 10 Branded Mass for doing both metas per character per day – if the events succeed.

Thunderhead Peaks Heart Vendors

You can complete each renown heart in Thunderhead Peaks once per day. This unlocks the heart vendor, who will sell you up to 5 Branded Mass per day for a small amount of Karma.

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