Best Ways to Farm Mistonium

GW2 Jahai Bluffs how to farm Mistonium

If you are working on unlocking the GW2 Skyscale mount, you need 250 Lumps of Mistonium to buy a Lubinella Cadentis Silk for the Skyscale Saddle Collection.

Note: If you already have a Skyscale, you can use Lumps of Mistonium to buy other premium items from vendors in Jahai Bluffs. See the official wiki for a full list here.

Learn some of the more efficient ways to farm Mistonium, including a few methods you may not have considered.

Mistonium Home Instance Node

For 10,000 Volatile Magic plus 50 Gold, you can buy a Mistonium home instance node from Trader Hyacinth in Jahai Bluffs. You can collect 1-3 Lumps of Mistonium from this node per day.

Is the Mistonium Home Instance Node worth the cost? Depends on where you’re at in life. In hindsight, I wish I bought the node when I first started farming Mistonium. These days I have a lot of Gold but not a lot of time. Your mileage, as they say, may vary.

Exchange Volatile Magic for Mistonium

Once per day you can exchange 20 Volatile Magic for a Lump of Mistonium from the Traveling Elonian Trader in Dragonfall.

Buy the daily maximum of 5 Lumps of Mistonium for 100 Volatile Magic.

Exchange Eternal Ice Shards for Mistonium

Once per day you can exchange 2,688 Karma plus 75 Eternal Ice Shards for 10 Lumps of Mistonium from Anette Eymundrdottir in Bjora Marches.

If you need more Eternal Ice Shards, you can buy up to 10 from her per day for 2,688 Karma each.

Jahai Bluffs Map Completion

Your reward for map completing Jahai Bluffs includes 25 Lumps of Mistonium. It’s worth doing this, especially since you’ll probably be spending a lot of time on the map while you’re farming.

Jahai Bluffs Reward Track

If you do a lot of PVP or WVW, consider activating the Jahai Bluffs Reward Track. This track rewards you with 50 Lumps of Mistonium at the end.

Death-Branded Shatterer

This meta event happens every 2 hours, and grants 5 Lumps of Mistonium per character per day. This means you can park a bunch of characters at the Pact Vanguard waypoint and do Death-Branded Shatterer once a day on each character.

The official wiki has a DBS event timer so you can find out when the next event takes place.

Other Jahai Bluffs Events

The Jahai Bluffs Map Bonus Reward includes 1 Lump of Mistonium, so any event on the map is worth doing. Certain events reward bonus Lumps of Mistonium:

  • Repel the Branded Invasion (5 from the final chest)
  • Stop “Joko” (5 from the final chest)
  • Branded Djinn Vemyen (5 from the final chest)
  • Legendary Bounties (1 per bounty)

Jahai Bluffs Heart Vendors

You can complete each renown heart in Jahai Bluffs once per day. This unlocks the vendor, who will sell you up to 5 Lumps of Mistonium per day.

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