Meta Events to Do NOW for Living World Return

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The best time to do a meta event is when everyone else is doing it, too. Therefore, we highly recommend you complete these meta event achievements ASAP.

Living World Return is a set of achievements with valuable rewards. These achievements will be permanently available in Side Stories. However, several meta events are required to complete them.

Experience shows that as time passes, people move on to other projects, and it gets harder and harder to successfully complete the meta.

The Silverwastes: Return to Echoes of the Past and Tangled Paths

Reconquer the Hidden Depths: Collect key fragments from lesser nightmare pods, use these to create a nightmare key, and unlock the greater nightmare pod in the middle of Hidden Depths. This area is only open after the map-wide Vinewrath meta event is completed.

Bloodstone Fen: Return to Out of the Shadows

Hablion’s Revenge: Defeat the Ghostly Justicar in Colusseum of the Faithful.

Unbound Guardian’s Revenge: Defeat the Unbound Guardian in Cavern of Unseen Lights. This is the final event in the Bloodstone Maw meta event chain.

Ember Bay: Return to Rising Flames

Revenge of Vermignus: Slay the lava wurm Vermignus in Fractured Caldera. This is the final step of the Ahadd’s golem group event.

Lake Doric: Return to The Head of the Snake

Reconquer the Trap Maze: You don’t actually need other people to help with this one. It is not necessary to clear the area or complete any active events. You only need to complete Noran’s Renown Heart to unlock him as a vendor, so you can buy the key. However, various events can spawn large numbers of mobs which can be difficult to wade through on your own.

I recommend AyinMaiden’s YouTube video walkthrough for this puzzle.

Revenge of the High Sage: Defeat the Champion Harathi High Sage at the end of the group event at Watchtower Cliffs.

TIP: If you have a smaller group, you can skip killing all the centaurs on the route up. Instead, hug the north side of the map and use either Skyscale or Griffon/Springer to climb up the west side of Fallen Watchtower. The High Sage appears in the center of the tower.

Draconis Mons: Return to Flashpoint

Revenge of the Destroyer Twins: Defeat one of the two destroyer lieutenants (either Destroyer Aestus or Destroyer Ignis) at the end of the Cull the Destroyers meta event.

Domain of Istan: Return to Daybreak

Bounty Hunter: Complete 5 bounties.

Revenge of Archon Iberu: Defeat Awakened Archon Iberu in the final step of the Palawadan meta event.

Revenge of Warden Amala: Defeat Wardan Amala in the final step of the Sunspear Uprising meta event.

Sandswept Isles: Return to A Bug in the System

Bounty Hunter: Complete 12 bounties.

Revenge of Kuda: Complete the Specimen Chamber meta event in the Western Complex.

Revenge of Zohaqan: Defeat the champion water djinn Zohaqan at the end of the Gathering Storms meta event.

Domain of Kourna: Return to Long Live the Lich

Bounty Hunter: Complete 5 bounties.

Revenge of the Pestilent Golem: End the plague experiments, the final step of the Containing the Scarab Plague meta event.

Jahai Bluffs: Return to A Star to Guide Us

Bounty Hunter: Complete 4 bounties.

Revenge of the Death-Branded Shatterer: Complete the world boss event which happens every 2 hours.

Revenge of Vemyen: Complete the Defeat the Branded djinn Vemyen group event in Shattered Cliffs.

Thunderhead Peaks: Return to All or Nothing

Revenge of Sulypix: Complete the Oil Floes meta event (a.k.a. “south meta”).

Revenge of the Wrathbringer: Complete the Thunderhead Keep meta event (a.k.a. “north meta”).

Dragonfall: Return to War Eternal

Revenge of Kralkatorrik: Complete the Dragonfall map-wide meta event.

Revenge of the Champions: Kill 3 Champions.

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