Festival of the Four Winds Overview

Concept art of the Guild Wars 2 Labyrinthine Cliffs map

Learn more about what’s worth doing at Festival of the Four Winds, and an overview of the events and loot you can expect from this summertime festival.

Festival of the Four Winds offers many new opportunities to earn Achievement Points. This GW2 festival also has cute new minis you can work for, interesting new Zephyrite helm skins, the Boss Blitz challenge in Divinity’s Reach, and the usual random loot drops from killing bosses and opening treasure chests.

Zephyrite Supply Boxes

The biggest source of random loot for this festival is Zephyrite Supply Boxes. You can earn these boxes from the Festival of the Four Winds reward track, or buy them from vendors at the Bazaar Docks.

The drop rate from these is terrible. Your best bet is to just take the ones you earn from events and hang onto them until you can open them for the “Day Trader” Festival of the Four Winds daily achievement.

Should I Buy Zephyrite Supply Boxes?

In addition to earning Zephyrite Supply Boxes from the reward track, you also have the option to buy them from vendors at the Bazaar Docks.

Is it worth it to buy extra Zephyrite Supply Boxes? The answer is: Absolutely not.

One Redditor opened over 29,0000 boxes, and calculated that the average value of the items was approximately 3 silver per box. Given that the price of the materials used to buy the boxes is 20-30 silver per item, it’s clearly not worth it to purchase boxes with materials.

Festival Tokens

There are a lot of events, and almost all of them earn you Festival Tokens. These are the festival’s currency, and can be exchanged for things at the special festival vendors. These vendors sell an assortment of tonics, minis, and Zephyrite armor skins.

Treasure Hunt Bag of Loot

This meta event earns you Bag of Loot, which you can turn in to the Treasure Hunt Reward Vendor. He sells kites for 200 bags, and a Mini Beach Gourdon for 1,000 bags. (Look at the tiny bikini he’s wearing on his lil choya butt!)

The Treasure Hunt meta event takes place in the Labyrinthine Cliffs. It’s similar to the Casino Coins event in Crystal Oasis: Run around and collect bags of loot. Each Treasure Hunt round lasts five minutes. Check the wiki page for an event timer.

After the treasure hunt, go to Sky Docks Waypoint for a special bonus event. Throw water balloons at the Flame Effigy (don’t use your regular weapons).

As long as you’ve got a water balloon equipped, throw some at Evon Gnashblade for the “No One Likes a Wet Charr” achievement. He’s standing by the Sky Docks waypoint.

Queen’s Gauntlet Entrance Tickets

These drop from the Boss Blitz, and can be purchased with Festival Tokens. The Queen’s Gauntlet is a series of solo boss fights, each with a unique mechanic. Check the wiki for details. The rewards are achievement points, festival tickets, and the satisfying glow of a job well done.

Boss Blitz

This is the headline event. In this event, players split up and coordinate to kill 6 bosses. When each boss is killed, their special attack is transferred to all the other bosses, so it’s important to kill them all at the same time.

Your best road to success here is to check LFG for a good squad, and follow your squad leader’s instructions.

Buy Tyrian Exchange Vouchers

You can buy Tyrian Exchange Vouchers during Festival of the Four Winds from one of the Festival Rewards Vendors. Click here to learn more about Tyrian Exchange Vouchers.

Quartz Crystals

You can mine tons of quartz crystals in Labyrinthine Cliffs. This map is only available during Festival of the Four Winds, so it’s best to take advantage of it while you can.

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