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Learn how to level GW2 Chef, and the best Chef products to make and sell on the Trading Post. Chef is often overlooked by players, but it’s one of my personal favorites.

  • Create food buffs that provide +10% XP gain to help level new characters.
  • Craft dyes (for free-to-play accounts, this is the only reliable way to get dyes).
  • Easy to find, farm, or buy ingredients.
  • Products can be used by all professions.

Unfortunately, most of the products you create are not worth money. With a few exceptions, you will lose money creating Chef products. You will end up having to throw away most of what you create as you level the profession.

NEW: Chef to Level 500

As of the August 27, 2019 update, Chef now goes up to level 500. Trying to figure out how to level Chef to 500? Check out this great Reddit guide to the fastest, cheapest way to level up Chef.

Chef can now create ascended food. These are feasts which you can set out for other players to consume. Here’s the wiki page for the level 500 Chef recipes.

Best Way to Level Chef

Leveling the Chef skill can be frustrating. As with other crafts, the best way to level Chef in Guild Wars 2 is to use the Discovery panel. However, the Discovery process for Chef is not as straightforward as it is with other crafts.

The easiest way to level Chef is to use the wiki. Go to the page that corresponds to your crafting level:

Use the list of ingredients on the page to unlock each recipe on the Discovery panel.

Make Money with Chef

Most Guild Wars 2 Chef products are not worth any money. There are a few notable exceptions:

  • Dyes can be worth a lot of money. Crafting dyes is also the only reliable way for a free-to-play account to get new dyes.
  • Plate of Piquant Plant Food is used in the creation of Mawdrey, and sells for 30-50 silver.
  • Various Feasts sell for a decent amount. To find the best ones to sell, search the Trading Post for “feast,” then click to sort by price.
  • Empty Kegs are used in Guild Hall upgrades. They require Elder Wood and Linseed Oil, and sell for a good amount of gold.
  • Grow Lamps are in high demand because they are part of the process of getting the Skyscale mount. They require Charged Quartz Crystals, and sell for around 30 gold.

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