Defeat the High Priestess of Lyssa

Mural of Lyssa from Guild Wars 2

Several times a day, the area around the various statues in Malchor’s Leap becomes corrupted. When this happens, the area fills with a green gas, and your GW2 character takes Bleed damage and Cripple effect from thorns which come out of the ground.

The main issue with corrupted statues is the famous Elder Wood farm in Malchor’s Leap. Everyone basically has to stop farming during corruption, or risk their character dying.

Corrupted statues happen because the High Priestess of Lyssa has appeared, and it’s time once again to defeat her.

Cathedral of Eternal Radiance Meta Event, a.k.a. “Lyssa”

This meta event is formally called the Cathedral of Eternal Radience Meta Event. Map chat usually calls it “Lyssa.”

Lyssa Meta Event Status

To check the status of this meta event, switch to map view and look at the two waypoints involved: Union Waypoint and Lyssa Waypoint.

Both waypoints contested: The meta event just started. Travel to Wren waypoint to start working on the event.

Union waypoint uncontested: Players are in the process of doing the event. Travel to Union Waypoint and help them finish the event.

Both waypoints uncontested: The meta event is complete. Travel to Lyssa Waypoint to get the Altar of Lyssa Hero Point challenge, and to buy from the karma merchant at the Statue of Lyssa.

Buy Exotic Magi’s Trinkets

A karma merchant named Lightbringer Brutefur appears at the Cathedral of Eternal Radiance after Lyssa is done. This merchant sells exotic Magi’s trinkets and exotic Rabid armor. Magi’s trinkets are an excellent choice if you are running a healing build like Druid.

Magi’s stats are Healing Power/Precision/Vitality, and are considered the best core game stats for a healer.

Most Healing Druid raid builds use Harrier’s, but this stat combination is much more difficult and expensive to get. Harrier’s is also only available if you have the expansion packs.

Help Your Fellow Players!

If you are farming in Malchor’s Leap and the corruption comes up, go help with the Lyssa meta! Don’t just sit on your hands and wait for other players to finish it for you. Pitch in.

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