Malchor’s Leap Meta Events

Champion Risen Knight Guild Wars 2 boss

Malchor’s Leap is a level 80 zone in core Tyria which is home to several popular meta events. Learn more about the most popular events happening on this GW2 map, where to find them, how to finish them, and what people mean when they call out cryptic things in map chat like “lyssa up.”

Events in Malchor’s Leap drop high-level loot, including the highly-coveted Heavy Loot Bag. And because Malchor’s Leap is part of core Tyria, it is available to free-to-play (F2P) and players who don’t have the expansion packs.

Cathedral of Eternal Radiance (Lyssa)

This event clears the corruption from the statues around Malchor’s Leap, including the famous Elder Wood farm. For detailed information about this event, see our article on this topic.

Cathedral of Zephyrs (Dwayna)

This meta event follows Malchor the Sculptor, and begins with Malchor’s cry “Dwaynaaaaaa!” which can be heard across the entire map.

Officially known as Cathedral of Zephyrs, this event begins with an escort that starts in Karst Plains.

A karma merchant named Historian Vermoth appears at the Cathedral of Zephyrs after Dwayna is done. This merchant sells exotic Cleric’s armor and After the event is finished, players can buy exotic Cleric’s armor and exotic Rabid trinkets for karma.

Karas the Undying

Head north from the Melandru statue which is home to the Elder Wood farm. You will find a blood-spattered rectangular slab-shaped altar with skulls peeking out the side.

When the eyes of the skulls are glowing, /kneel before the altar to spawn a Veteran Risen enemy, Karas the Undying.

Champion Risen Knight

While in Malchor’s Leap, you may see a player ask for help with the Champion Risen Knight. The Champion Risen Knight is located on Karst Plain and guards the Statue of Dwayna Hero Point.

If you are trying to get this hero point yourself, feel free to ask for help in map chat. This hero point is notoriously difficult to solo, and many players are happy to help out.

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