Diary of a Reluctant Revenant: Levels 1-2

Guild Wars 2 leveling a revenant

Out of all the professions, I’ve never given Revenant a fair try. I decided to start a Revenant, go through the leveling process, and record the journey.

Character Creation

The race was an easy choice. Although I was never very interested in norn, after playing the first few chapters of the Icebrood Saga, I’ve been intrigued by norn culture.

But I have a hard time choosing her face, tattoos, color scheme, hair style, name… all those RPG details. I don’t know why I stress over them. I have no shortage of quick change kits in my bank. After agonizing for several hours off and on, I choose a name: Scout (fitting) with a suitably Norn last name.

I choose a color scheme for her (dark purple and platinum) and a title (Chicken Chaser). Scout and I are on our way.

Leveling “Rules”

To keep things challenging and fun, I have a set of personal policies I use when leveling a character:

  • I avoid using tomes if at all possible. However, I do use the basic buffs (food, utility, guild hall, Celebration Boosters when I remember).
  • I only dress my character in gear they get from drops. No outfits, and no reskinning until they hit level 80. This is mostly because I think it’s hilarious to run around in mismatched gear like a scrub.
  • Regarding weapons, my character must use the weapons they get from drops, even if it’s useless according to the current meta. This pushes me to try weapons I otherwise wouldn’t.
  • However, I choose their glider and mount skins from my library, because the default gliders and mounts are ugly.

Let’s Play

I kill an owl griffin sire and collect a trophy. Eir helps me kill Issomir. During the fight, I am distracted and perplexed by the profession mechanic. The action bar for Legendary Dwarf Stance fills up as I fight ice wurms. When it gets to 100% I click F2, but nothing happens. I guess that has to wait until later.

And Now?

Over the years, I started several norn characters. It’s just that none of them ever “stuck.” Will Scout be the first? Only time will tell.

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