Diary of a Reluctant Revenant: Levels 25-30

Stealing a dolyak calf, Guild Wars 2

My last task to finish map completion for Wayfarer Foothills was one of the worst Renown Hearts in the game: Help Maxtar Rapidstep capture dolyaks.

Enslaving Dolyak Orphans

For this heart, you chase a dolyak calf, and click F to throw a net at it whenever you get in range. Meanwhile, you have to dodge or kill the calf’s mother, who is willing to literally give her life to save her baby from being stolen by you.

After you successfully throw three nets at the calf, it is pacified. A “ball and chain” icon appears over its head, and its head hangs sadly. It then trudges slowly towards Maxtar Rapidstep, the heart NPC.

During this slow, sad walk, the newly-orphaned calves are attacked by skelk, which you have to kill. Otherwise the skelk kill the calf, too, and all is lost.

Seriously, what kind of monster designed this event?

Assassin Time

I unlocked Assassin Stance, which is pretty emo, but still not as emo as Demon Stance. Assassin Stance has a lot of combination attack and movement skills, which reminds me a lot of the Vanguard class in the Mass Effect series.

I never quite got the hang of Vanguard, despite having been a highly dedicated Mass Effect 3 Online player for a few years. (I just checked, and I’m still ranked in the top 6% of players globally. Although I imagine that’s mainly a function of the game being pretty well dead at this point.)

The problem with combo attack/movement skills is that they tend to cause as many problems as they solve. You teleport into a group of enemies, and then can’t teleport back because there’s a little rock on the ground. Or you teleport directly in front of a boss who shakes off your attack and punches you right in the face. That sort of thing.

I will say, the Impossible Odds skill comes with a very cool visual effect.

But overall, I’m still loving Dwarf Stance the best. But it’s still early days in my Revenant journey, so who can really say.

Standard Map Completion Letdown

Upon completing the heart, I finished map completion for Wayfarer Foothills. Map completion (for any map other than the capital cities) has a 1 in 3 chance to drop a Black Lion Chest Key, and a 2 in 3 chance to drop a Transmutation Charge.

I received a Transmutation Charge, of course. I double-clicked to add it to the other 238 Transmutation Charges on my account, and moved on.

After a quick lap around Snowden Drifts to unlock all the waypoints, I hit level 30.

Ascalonian Catacombs Awaits

At 30, my Revenant was technically a high enough level to do the first dungeon, Ascalonian Catacombs. I considered asking my guild to help me with an AC run, since you get a whopping amount of XP for finishing a dungeon path. Even though dungeons have fallen behind as far as end-game content goes, it’s still a great way to level characters.

I’ve done a lot of AC runs, and I’m familiar with all the basics – where to stack, when to run, when to use Stability, and so forth. I could probably hold my own, or at least not have to be carried too badly.

However, my gear is a mish-mash of under-leveled garbage at the moment. For the sake of my pride alone, I decided to wait until I can put together a decent set of armor and weapons before I try to tackle a dungeon.

And so, it’s on to Personal Story!

Out of all the professions, I’ve never given Revenant a fair try. I decided to start a Revenant, go through the leveling process, and record the journey.

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  1. This serie is a lot of fun ! Just started a revenant that I boosted up to 50 so I can get some time to learn it before 80, I love reading your blog !

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