Dragonfall Overview

Dragonfall map Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 added the Dragonfall map at the end of Living World Season 4 episode 6, “War Eternal.” Dragonfall is home to a map-wide meta event, and is a good place to farm Mistborn Motes which you can exchange at the vendors, or double-click to convert to Volatile Magic.

How to Get to Dragonfall

This map is difficult to reach. You have three options for getting there:

  • Complete the story mission “The End” in Living World Season 4 episode 6, “War Eternal.”
  • Use a Dragonfall Portal Scroll. You have to buy this from a vendor on the map, so you need to have one character already in Dragonfall. However, you can use this to bring additional characters to the map.
  • Join a party or squad of players already in Dragonfall, then use a Teleport to Friend to travel to them.

Dragonfall Portal Scroll

After you have gotten your first character to Dragonfall, I recommend buying a Dragonfall Portal Scroll. You can use this to bring any other characters to the map without having to complete the story or use a Teleport to a Friend.

A Dragonfall Portal Scroll costs 1,000 Volatile Magic plus 50 silver. You can buy it from the Olmakhan Quartermaster at the Pact Command waypoint.

NOTE: This vendor is only available after you have unlocked the Life in the Underworld achievement. For this achievement, do 10 events in the Underworld region of Dragonfall.

Mounts Needed in Dragonfall

Mounts are practically a requirement for Dragonfall.

  • The ideal mount for Dragonfall is Skyscale.
  • However, you can get by with a Griffon and a Springer.
  • You may find a Raptor useful at times, as well.
  • A Skimmer is convenient in Brandstorm areas, as it keeps you off the ground.

Yo, This Map is Crazy, Y’all!

The first thing you will notice about Dragonfall is that it is cuckoo bananas.

Dragonfall was created at the end of Living World Season 4 (no spoilers). It consists of the half-dead corpse of Kralkatorrik pinned beneath several chunks of the Realms of the Gods which fell through a portal from the Mists.

Depending on where you are, either everything is on fire, grimdark emo, sparkly flowers, or you’re running around on the literal back of an actual Elder Dragon. Pretty wild stuff.

TIP: If you plan to do the map-wide meta event, I highly recommend you turn down your graphics settings a notch before you start.

Dragonfall has four zones. Three of these are proper zones, with their own waypoints. The fourth zone is Kralkatorrik’s half-buried body. There are no waypoints on the dragon’s body.

For more information and a walkthrough of the Dragonfall meta event, see our Dragonfall meta guide.

The Underworld

This zone, located in the upper left-hand quadrant, is a chunk of Grenth’s domain. It’s perpetually dark and barren with a misty dark green aesthetic, and filled with the pitiful moaning of (I assume) the dead.

This zone is where you will find the Olmakhan, a peaceful tribe of charr who split off from the Flame Legion before the Charr Rebellion. The Olmakhan are lead by Rox and her faithful pet Frostbite.

The Burning Forest

Aptly named, this zone in the lower left-hand quadrant is the realm of Balthazar, and everything here is on fire.

This zone looks like Fireheart Rise, if even more stuff was on fire.

The Burning Forest is home to the Order of the Crystal Bloom, which is basically a cult that reveres Aurene. Caithe and Spearmarshal Zaiem are in charge of this area.

Melandru’s Domain

Melandru is in charge of the right-hand side of the map, and her influence is obvious in the lush forest filled with floating sparkles.

An army of ghosts known as the Mist Wardens are in charge of Melandru’s Domain. Logan Thackeray and Rytlock Brimstone lead this are.

Kralkatorrik’s Body

This part of the map is literally the back of the Elder Dragon Kraklatorrik, who is trapped here by the other three chunks of land which were pulled from the Mists for that purpose.

Here’s hoping he doesn’t sneeze while you’re standing there!

Pact Command

This small zone is located in the upper right-hand corner. Pact Command is the base of operations for the allied forces, and is the location of the only permanent waypoint on the map. (The other waypoints come and go depending on the current state of the map-wide meta.)

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