Fresh Start Part 6: Eek, harpies!

GW2 Plains of Ashford statue

I’m almost level 30, and I still haven’t died yet. The longer I go, the more stressed out I get about it. I’m starting to feel like I should just throw myself off a cliff and get it over with.

I came damn close to dying while I was working on the Plains of Ashford Event Completer daily. I was mobbed by harpies who knocked me down to only 12 hit points before I was able to take cover.

Shout out to Otis for distracting them while I hid behind a rock.

GW2 hiding from harpies
Like the hero I am

A few seconds later, the event failed, the harpies flew away, and I breathed a sigh of relief.

I crept out from my hiding space and watched as a charr and a human NPC bickered over who should go retake their stolen supplies from the harpies.

Plains of Ashford is a contentious place with a long and difficult history. Let’s just say the cease-fire between humans and charr feels precarious at times.

Eventually the human (Explorer Erin) lost the argument and begrudgingly walked away to start a collection event. Guess what? More frickin harpies.

GW2 harpy collection event
As a Ranger, I prefer to have my pet and any nearby NPCs in between me and the enemy at all times

Personally I think if the harpies stole all your supplies, that’s on you. Let the harpies keep them, and do a better job protecting them next time.

But what do I know. I’m also the jerk who ran away instead of helping protect the supplies in the first place. So here I am, getting mobbed by harpies again.

GW2 harpies
You and me both, ma’am

Being able to easily earn 2 gold per day changes the early game experience far more than I anticipated. I remember having to scrimp and save and work my way up to larger bags. But here I am, not even level 30, dropping gold to buy three 18-slot bags. It’s a good feeling! Not everything has to be difficult.


  • Level: 29
  • 94,040 Karma
  • 258 Achievement Points
  • 5 gold 19 silver 89 copper

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