Fresh Start Part 7: RIP Me

GW2 frozen maw meta event

Well, it finally happened. I should be pleased I made it all the way to level 34 without dying. Instead, I’m salty I didn’t make it farther. If only I had been paying more attention!

It happened while I was working on dailies. Specifically, Daily Don’t Touch the Shiny Minidungeon. I have done this minidungeon many times for the daily. So many it lured me into a false sense of security.

GW2 don't touch the shiny minidungeon

I forgot that if you don’t have a big group of players, this minidungeon can be quite a struggle. If you have a dozen other players clearing mobs, it’s easy to saunter to the back of the tunnel and grab your loot. But if you’re there solo or (as was the case for me) with only one other low-level player, you can quickly get swamped by golems with huge health pools.

GW2 don't touch the shiny minidungeon
RIP also to Ronalf the Mighty, who died before he could finish reviving me.

In the aftermath I realized I had made a second error in judgment which compounded the problem.

Although I have kept my primary weapon (longbow) up to match my level, I had overlooked replacing my secondary weapon (greatsword). When I swapped to engage in melee combat with this mob of level 13-15 robots, I was swinging a level 6 greatsword. No wonder I died.

I sulked for DAYS after my defeat at the spinning robot hands of this mob of golems. It finally took buying myself new dyes to cheer myself up.

GW2 Jora statue Wayfarer Foothills

I bought Pine and Tarnish, which seemed suitably Ranger-y, then posed for a photoshoot looking moodily out to the distance. I guess I’m still sulking for a little while longer. Can you blame me?


  • Level: 38
  • 102,083 Karma
  • 315 Achievement Points
  • 9 gold 55 silver 60 copper

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