Fresh Start Part 5: Probably just jinxed myself

GW2 moonlight

Personal Story is a great way to level up quickly, and the early parts of Personal Story are some of the most entertaining content in the game.

In my case, this asshole doesn’t realize I already know he’s a bad guy, as if his ice cream cone beard didn’t give it away. I’ve been to his mansion and everything!

GW2 personal story Minister Caudecus

Logan Thackeray and Minister Caudecus want me to find a missing child. I feel like this is a job better suited to the Seraph, but okay.

Logan suggests I go talk to the circus folk to find out more. Which I will definitely do… riiiiight after I do dailies, a few world bosses, maybe some crafting… then we’ll see about finding poor lost little Billy (or whatever his name is, I wasn’t paying attention).

GW2 dispose of risen corpses
I also have to dispose of a bunch of Risen corpses because all the NPCs standing around are… too busy to do it, I guess?

My account is finally old enough I can buy things off the Trading Post. I bought 20 of the cheapest food for my level (Bowl of Candy Corn Custard) and 20 of the cheapest utility buffs (Minor Potion of Centaur Slaying). I don’t care about the primary effects (which are terrible) (thus the low price) I just want that sweet, sweet, stacking “+10% XP from kills” buff.

That being said, any minor centaurs I run across are going to be real sorry.

I’ve done another few rounds of dailies, which means I’m practically swimming in gold. I wish it had been this easy when I started playing!

GW2 Hoelbrak daily shiverpeaks vista viewer
Hello from Daily Shiverpeaks Vista Viewer!

Another thing that’s easy for new players is earning Achievement Points. Over on my main account I’m killing myself for hours at a time over every single AP. Meanwhile, here on my Fresh Start account, the game is throwing AP at me like confetti at a party. Kill 10 drakes? Achievement! Do Jungle Wurm once? Achievement! Fall off a log? Achievement!

GW2 Caledon Forest Wychmire swamp
Not as pretty as the Queensdale swamp, but very atmospheric.

Having played melee characters for so many years, I’m enjoying the laziness of being able to kill something with my longbow before it can even reach me. On the down side, after it dies, it’s so far away I have to run over to grab the loot.

Speaking of dying, so far I’ve made it to level 28 without dying once. I wonder how far I can get? Now I’m thinking after I get to level 80 with this character, I should do a hardcore “delete-on-death” run.


  • Level: 28
  • 30,242 Karma
  • 213 Achievement Points
  • 11 gold 39 silver 9 copper


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