Gliding in WVW

Character gliding in Guild Wars 2 WVW desert borderlands map

Many a new WVW player has quickly plummeted to their death in WVW, unaware that gliding is not enabled in GW2 WVW by default. Avoid this embarrassing and time-consuming misstep by learning how to unlock the ability to glide in WVW.

WVW Gliding Requirements

  • Gliding is only available with the Heart of Thorns expansion pack.
  • You must have gliding unlocked in the open world maps in order to use gliding in WVW.
    • You do not need to have completed Gliding Mastery.
    • You just need to have unlocked the mastery.
  • You must have at least 1 World Ability Point to spend.
    • You gain 1 World Ability Point with each WVW rank you earn.
    • Therefore, you will need to have a WVW rank of 1 or higher.

Unlock WVW Gliding

To unlock gliding in WVW, you must spend 1 World Ability Point on the War Gliding Mastery upgrade.

To do this, click B to open the WVW panel. Click the bottom tab to open the Rank and Abilities panel.

Guild Wars 2 WVW Rank and Abilities tab

Click to spend a point in the War Gliding Mastery. This will unlock the ability to glide in WVW.

IMPORTANT NOTE: You can only glide in areas which your team controls. When you are in an enemy-controlled zone, you will not be able to glide.

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