Orange Kaiser Snake Weapons

Kaiser Snake scepter skin Guild Wars 2

You can unlock the orange Kaiser Snake weapons skins by doing Super Adventure Box (SAB) dailies, and as a random drop from the chest at the end of each SAB zone. You can also receive the Kaiser Snake ascended weapon by completing two difficult collections which require you to play a lot of Tribulation Mode.

The orange Kaiser Snake Weapon skins are exclusive to Super Adventure Box, and are only available during the festival. These skins are orange, with particle effects and sound effects.

Account Bound, Tradeable, and Ascended

The Kaiser Snake weapon skins come in three different categories: Account-Bound, Tradeable, and Ascended.

Account-Bound Kaiser Skins

The account-bound Kaiser Snake skins are the easiest to get. After you complete the SAB daily achievement eight times, you get a box which lets you select your choice of Kaiser Snake skins.

Since these skins are account-bound, you cannot sell them on the Trading Post.

Tradeable/Sellable Kaiser Snake Skins

The Kaiser Snake skins also come in a non-account-bound version, which you can trade or sell on the Trading Post.

These skins are a rare drop from the chest at the end of each zone (the boss inside the cage) in Normal or Tribulation Mode. They will not drop from the final zone boss on Infantile Mode.

Ascended Kaiser Snake Weapons

In addition to skins, you can also earn Kaiser Snake weapons. These are ascended weapons which are stat-selectable for any stat except those from Heart of Thorns or Path of Fire (Viper’s, Commander’s, Minstrel’s, Harriers, etc.)

The Ascended Kaiser Snake Weapons also have Moto’s Unstable Bauble Infusion in either Red (from the King Toad chest) or Blue (from the Storm Wizard chest).

The only way to earn the ascended weapons is to play a lot of Tribulation Mode.

For more information on unlocking the ascended Kaiser Snake weapons, see the official wiki.

SAB Dailies

Every day you will get five SAB daily tasks. Complete three of those tasks to finish the daily achievement.

Complete the SAB dailies eight times during the festival to earn a Super Adventure Weapons Box. This box lets you select one of the Kaiser (orange) weapon skins or 8 Crimson Assassin Tokens.

Note: These Kaiser weapon skins are account bound. You cannot sell them on the Trading Post.

For guidance with the dailies, see this helpful wiki page: Guide to Daily Super Adventure Festival Achievements.

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