Green King Toad’s Weapon Skins

Green King Toad's scepter skin Guild Wars 2

To unlock all of the green King Toad’s weapons skins, you will need to make 16 complete runs through GW2 Super Adventure Box (SAB) world 1 in Tribulation mode.

The green King Toad’s Weapons skins are exclusive to the GW2 Super Adventure Box (SAB) festival, and are only available during the festival. These skins are green, with particle effects and sound effects.

NOTE: These are weapons skins, not actual weapons. You will need to double-click to apply the skin to an existing weapon.

Unlock King Toad’s Weapon Skins

To unlock the green SAB weapon skins, you will need the rewards for completing each zone in Tribulation Mode.

Each of the 16 King Toad weapon skins requires:

  • 1 King Toad Z-1 Token from completing World 1 Zone 1 in Tribulation Mode.
  • 1 King Toad Z-2 Token from completing World 1 Zone 2 in Tribulation Mode.
  • 1 King Toad Z-3 Token from completing World 1 Zone 3 in Tribulation Mode.
  • 1 Moto’s Weapon Design, purchased from the Super Adventure Box Weaponsmith for 2 gold.

To make the weapon, throw one of each of these items into the Mystic Forge. You will be rewarded with the item which matches the Weapon Design you used. For example, if you used the Moto’s Axe Design, you will get a King Toad’s Axe Skin.

NOTE: You will need to unlock every King Toad’s weapon skin to earn an orange Kaiser Snake ascended weapon. This is not a requirement for the orange Kaiser Snake skins – just for the actual ascended weapons.

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