Halloween Overview

A haunted door in the Guild Wars 2 halloween event

Feeling a little lost at the GW2 Halloween event? Learn what’s worth doing every day during Halloween, what’s worth doing once or twice, what items everyone’s trying to get, and more.

Farm Expensive Items

There are a few “big ticket items” you can get as drops from Trick-or-Treat (“tot”) bags during Halloween.

  • Phospholuminescent Infusions stack an insanely bright aura on your character. Sells for 200-500 gold on the Trading Post.
  • Unopened Endless Bottle of Batwing Brew is used in making the Nightfury skin. Sells for about 20 gold.
  • Tyria’s Best Nougat Center and High-Quality Plastic Fangs are used in crafting various Halloween items. They sell for about 1.5 gold each.
  • Most Halloween weapon skins like Jailbroken and Grim Pact sell for 5-10 gold. A notable exception is Touch of Madness, a torch that looks like your hand is on fire. It sells for 200 gold.
  • Oontz’s Necklace of the ____ is an accessory which gives your character a glow. Salvage the necklace for the Poly-Luminescent Undulating Refractor which sells for between 7 gold (for green) to 37 gold (for black).

Make Nightfury

This sought-after Halloween shoulder skin makes it look like your character is surrounded by a swarm of bats. Learn how to craft it on the wiki. Nightfury sells for over 1025 gold on the Trading Post, due to the expense and rarity of the ingredients.

Mad King Says

It’s worth the 10 minutes to play a round of Mad King Says each day. At the very least, it’s a guaranteed Glob of Ectoplasm. Check out our Guide to Mad King Says for more information.

Halloween Dailies

The special Halloween dailies are also worth doing. In addition to all the extra Trick-or-Treat (TOT) bags, after finishing 5 dailies, you get your choice of a rare Halloween weapon skin. This is repeatable, which means that if you are good about doing the Halloween dailies, you should be able to get at least three skins before the event ends.

Note: You won’t see the Halloween dailies in the regular PVE game mode. They will only appear on your screen if you enter a Halloween instance, like the Labyrinth. Go to Hero Panel > Achievements > Daily > Halloween Dailies then click the eyeball icon to track the dailies you want to do.

Where to Find Awakened

If you don’t have Path of Fire, you can find small mobs of Awakened enemies on the shores in Mount Maelstrom, Sparkfly Fen and Southsun Cove. If you do have Path of Fire, the best place to farm Awakened is in The Desolation.

Farm Labyrinth

The Mad King’s Labyrinth is a good place to farm Trick-Or-Treat (TOT) bags and random drops, and harvest candy corn nodes. Put on the best Magic Find bonuses you have, and look for a squad in LFG.

Labyrinth is a good place to level up a character fast. You can also earn pretty decent money by selling Trick-or-Treat bags on the Trading Post.

Buy Halloween Minis

The Candy Corn vendor in Lion’s Arch sells a bunch of interesting items in exchange for candy corn cobs. If you are a fanatic mini collector, you will want to check these out.

Make the World’s Most Disgusting Mini/Sceptre/Mace

For Halloween 2017, ArenaNet graced us with the world’s most disgusting mini: the Mini Failed Attempt. This mini can also be used to make an equally disgusting sceptre Antonina or mace Sikandar.

Get the Halloween Backpiece

Complete a relatively simple quest and make or collect one set of the Lunatic armor (either Light, Medium, or Heavy – you only need to make one set for the backpiece) and earn a cool Halloween backpiece, Complete Ignition. Unlock all three sets of Lunatic Armor to get the final item, Complete Superstition.

Buy Tyrian Exchange Vouchers

You can buy Tyrian Exchange Vouchers during Halloween from one of the Candy Corn vendors in Lion’s Arch. Click here to learn more about Tyrian Exchange Vouchers.

Mad King’s Clock Tower Jumping Puzzle

LOL just kidding. That thing is really frickin’ hard.

Check out our other Halloween articles for more coverage of this seasonal Guild Wars 2 festival.

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