King Toad Strategy Guide

King Toad the final boss of Guild Wars 2 SAB world 1

With a bit of practice, solo players can easily defeat King Toad, the final boss of World 1 of the Guild Wars 2 Super Adventure Box festival.

NOTE: The first time your character beats King Toad in GW2, you will unlock a 4th heart on your Health Bar.

An overview of the strategy to defeat King Toad:

  1. Knock off a gem fragment.
  2. Take it back to one of the rocks in the water.
  3. Wait for King Toad to open his mouth.
  4. Throw the gem fragment into his mouth.
  5. Rush in while King Toad is stunned and attack.
  6. Repeat until King Toad is dead.

A solo player can typically defeat King Toad in three of these burn cycles.

King Toad detailed walkthrough

Step 1: Knock off a gem fragment

King Toad is wearing a big red jewel around his neck. Rush in and attack it until a jewel shard flies off. Grab this fragment and run.

Step 2: Stand on a rock in the water

Run to the rock directly in front of King Toad. Here you will be safe from the waves King Toad splashes at you.

Step 3: Wait for King Toad to open his mouth.

The only way to damage King Toad is to throw the jewel shard into his mouth to stun him. If you fail to throw the shard correctly, he will launch his tongue lash attack which will knock you down.

Watch for King Toad to look left, then look right. A careful observer will see a second target appear behind King Toad’s head right before he opens his mouth.

When he opens his mouth, be prepared to click the target inside so that your shard is correctly aimed, then click 1 to throw the shard.

Run in and start attacking while King Toad is stunned. Continue to attack after his stun is complete, until a jewel shard flies off. Grab this shard and repeat.

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