Springer Mount Guide

Concept art for the GW2 springer mount

The GW2 Springer is a giant rabbit with a high vertical leap as its special movement mechanic. The tuft of hair on its head and the stripes on its back can be recolored with dyes in the Equipment tab of the Hero Panel.

The Springer’s vertical leap is useful for jumping puzzles, and for reaching high locations. Because the bunny mount can be used in the core Tyria maps as well, players now have access to many areas they were not able to reach in the past.

Where Do You Get a Springer Mount?

You can find Springers at Highjump Ranch on the Desert Highlands map. You will need the Raptor’s long leap (Canyon Jumping) in order to reach this POI. Complete the heart and pay 50 Trade Contracts + 1 Gold to unlock the Springer.

Springer Masteries

It costs a total of 14 Path of Fire Mastery points to completely level up the Springer mount.

  • Level 1: Fortified Descent Decreased fall damage. Cost: 2 Path of Fire Mastery points.
  • Level 2: Forceful Impact Increased damage for the attack skill. Cost: 3 Path of Fire Mastery points.
  • Level 3: High Vault Increase the Springer’s leap distance. Cost: 4 Path of Fire Mastery points.
  • Level 4: Masterful Descent Share the reduced fall damage to all mounts. Cost: 5 Path of Fire Mastery points.

You must level up either Skimmer or Springer at least through level 3 before you can get the Jackal mount.

Note: Mounts are part of the Path of Fire expansion pack. You must have Path of Fire in order to get mounts.

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