Tengu Echo Weapons

Guild Wars 2 Tengu Echo weapons

The GW2 Tengu Echo Weapons collection is a set of exotic craftable level 80 weapons you can unlock on the Drizzlewood Coast map. Many players are confused about how to get these weapons, because the process involves a series of actions that seem unrelated. Learn how to unlock the collection, complete the Mysterious Journal achievement, and find out if it’s profitable to craft them to sell on the Trading Post.

Complete the Mysterious Journal Collection

To start the process of getting Tengu Echo weapons, you must first complete the Mysterious Journal collection. To do this, you must find all eight pages scattered around Drizzlewood Coast.

The official wiki has a guide with hints and a map with the locations marked.

After you collect all eight pages, turn in your completed journal to a tengu named Goro Cleverclaws. He can be found in Drizzlewood Coast near the Petraj’s Rest POI.

Find the Curious Carvings

After you turn in your journal to Goro, he will give you a Sheet of Handmade Tengu Etching Paper. You can buy these from him for 1 gold apiece, with a limit of 3 per day per account.

NOTE: You will need 16 sheets of Etching Paper to complete the achievement, so you might as well buy 3 more from him now.

Next, go around the map interacting with Curious Carvings. This Reddit post has a great map with all the Curious Carvings locations marked. The official wiki has a good walkthrough, as well.

When you interact with a Curious Carving, it consumes a sheet of Etching Paper. Therefore, this stage of crafting the Tengu Echo weapons will cost you 15 gold in total. (There are 16 recipes, but Goro gives you one sheet of Etching Paper for free.)

Each Curious Carving you interact with unlocks a different Tengu Echo weapon recipe. You can then buy the recipe from Goro Cleverclaws for 35,000 Karma.

Craft the Tengu Echo Weapons

After you unlock the Tengu Echo weapon recipes, it’s time to craft the weapons. Each weapon requires level 400 of the relevant crafting discipline.

  • Artificer
    • Focus
    • Scepter
    • Staff
  • Weaponsmith
    • Axe
    • Dagger
    • Greatsword
    • Hammer
    • Mace
    • Shield
    • Sword
  • Huntsman
    • Long bow
    • Pistol
    • Rifle
    • Short bow
    • Torch
    • Warhorn

If you have questions about how to use or level up your crafting, check out our helpful crafting articles.

Are Tengu Echo Weapons Profitable?

Tengu Echo weapons are currently selling for 10-12 gold on the Trading Post. These weapons have a crafting cost of 8-10 gold. This means the profit margin is slim, once you take into account the Trading Post fees.

However, if you happen to have the crafting materials already, then yes, Tengu Echo weapons can be profitable to craft and sell.

For example, the Tengu Echo Axe is currently selling for 10 gold on the Trading Post. According to the wiki, the total cost of the base ingredients is almost 9 gold. If you have to buy all the materials, your profit for this item will only be about 50 silver.

However, if you already have the materials (particularly the 5 Amalgamated Gemstones) this improves your profit margin to the point where it’s worth it to craft and sell Tengu Echo weapons.

Unanswered Questions

Are they upgradeable?

Based on our experience with the Boreal Weapons from the Bjora Marches map, it’s probably safe to assume that we will be able to upgrade the Tengu Echo weapons in the future. However, we don’t have confirmation on that yet.

Does this mean playable tengu?

For the (largely-Reddit-based) conspiracy crowd, the Tengu Echo weapons are a hint that tengu will be a playable race in the next expansion pack.

I rate this theory as “plausible but unlikely.” Players have been theorizing about a new playable race since Guild Wars 2 launched in 2012. If we haven’t gotten one yet, it’s not likely that we will in the future. But you never know!

The tengu are a mysterious and secretive race of bird people who hail from Cantha. There are only a few tengu scattered throughout Guild Wars 2. They played a significant role in the original Guild Wars.

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