Which Class Should I Play?

Concept art of GW2 professions

Don’t know which GW2 class to play? Learn the basics of each class, and check out our highly-opinionated class guides.

Unlike most MMOs, Guild Wars 2 has no clearly-defined roles for each class. This means that if your friend chooses one class, there is no single answer to the question, “What class should I pick to compliment my friend’s class?” Every class can successfully work together.

There is no “best class,” but there are definitely “best builds.” We recommend Snow Crows builds, as these are carefully-tested and kept up to date with the current meta.

Class Guides

Check out our highly-opinionated class guides!

Light Armor

Medium Armor

Heavy Armor

Choosing a Class

Solo Play: Not interested in joining a guild, doing raids, or following squads? Check out our guide to the Best Class for Solo PVE Play.

Complicated: Mesmer, Engineer, Thief. These classes require a lot of juggling, and take a lot of practice to master.

Simple: Ranger, Guardian. These are excellent choices for players who are new to MMOs, and don’t want a lot of fuss.

Specialty: Mesmer, Revenant. These are oddball classes with niche skills. (Revenant could be considered “a niche class that hasn’t found its niche yet.”)

Healing: The Druid Elite Specialization of the Ranger is the best healer in the game, but Druid unlocks as an end-game class, and requires the Heart of Thorns expansion pack.

For new players who want to heal from the start, or who don’t have Heart of Thorns, Elementalist is the best choice. That being said, healing is not a big thing in Guild Wars 2, particularly as compared to other MMOs.

Glass Cannon: Ranger, Thief, Necro. These classes have high DPS, particularly when equipped with Berserker armor, but can also be downed easily. Learn to dodge roll!

Sturdy: Guardian, Warrior, Revenant. These classes have the highest armor rating. When combined with Soldier’s armor and Dolyak runes, they are virtually unkillable – although there is a significant trade-off in damage.

Best DPS: This changes with each balance update. If you are really into builds, DPS, and min/maxing, we recommend the QTFY Build Guide for the best current meta-build.

Don’t be afraid to reroll

Keep in mind that if you don’t like the class you have chosen, you can always delete the character and start a new one. If you want it to feel less like starting all over again, choose a different race. Each race has its own unique starting area and Personal Story.

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