Diary of a Reluctant Revenant: Levels 2-9

Revenant in Wayfarer Foothills

I start at Horncall Waypoint in Wayfarer Foothills. I watch as an NPC warrior is killed by a skelk near the first raven statue. Don’t worry, I’ll save you! When I revive him, he goes right back to attacking that skelk.

I don’t revive him a second time. Let him lie there thinking about his bad life choices.

When the raven riddle event ends, it grants me enough XP to kick me up to level 4. This unlocks a third attack with my mace: Echoing Eruption. It’s a blast finisher. My favorite!

Mace isn’t the most useful weapon as a general rule, but I’m learning to love it on Revenant. This gives me hope for the future. Maybe I will finally have an excuse to make The Moot, which is a Legendary disco ball that sprays confetti and sparkly lights.

A player with a name that is a nonsense string of letters (I assume they’re leveling up the character to use as a bot) runs past me. She interacts with an NPC to start an escort event, then immediately runs off, leaving me to handle it myself. Thanks.

Another player appears. She is wielding a hammer, and keeps knocking foes out of my reach. Again, thanks.

Ulfred the Sculptor is planning to create an ice sculpture so amazing, the grawl will worship it like a god. I don’t point out that this will only last until the ice melts, so maybe he wants to sculpt in a more permanent media. There’s no point trying to talk sense into an NPC. I follow Ulfred into a cavern full of angry grawl.

The player with the nonsense name returns and helps us finish escorting Ulfred.

Just as I’m starting to really like mace, I level up and get a staff for my troubles. I equip the new staff with a sigh, and pore over its attacks.

Revenant staff is designed for healing and defense. In other words, the last thing you need as a level 6 scrub doing open world content. The animations are neat, though.

I’m a kitty, rawr!

As Hammer Girl, Nonsense Name and I are killing Ice Elementals and bringing their leftover chunks to Ulfred, a group of five high-level players swoops in. They are fully decked out in Legendary weapons, exclusive dyes, and Gem Store skins. Me and my other starter pals look like trash by comparison, which I find hilarious.

This new group of players is a mystery. They don’t seem to be guild members, as only one of them is showing a guild tag. No one has a commander tag, so I assume they are in a party together. Maybe they are friends in real life, or maybe one of them posted an LFG for a group to help with map completion.

I encounter this fancy group several more times in the Borealis Forest area of Wayfarer Foothills. They seem to be working on map completion. It seems like every time I try to participate in an event, these guys sweep through and complete it before the rest of barely know it’s started. Guild Wars 2’s level-scaling system is great, but it’s not 100% effective.

When I get to the Honor the Spirit of Bear renowned heart, I find that it’s changed since the last time I was here. ArenaNet retooled the new player experience a few years back, and some players are still salty about the changes. (For example, did you know there used to be a champ train in Queensdale? I have a friend who never fails to mention it when the topic comes up. Sometimes even when it doesn’t.)

I’m sad we don’t get to carry Tasty Fish to the hungry bears anymore. But I guess it’s probably better if the bear cubs learn to catch their own fish.

Out of all the professions, I’ve never given Revenant a fair try. I decided to start a Revenant, go through the leveling process, and record the journey.

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