Diary of a Reluctant Revenant: Levels 9-17

Guild Wars 2 Diary of a Reluctant Revenant

Saturday night rolls around, and two of my gaming friends are in the mood to play some Guild Wars 2. After we finish the Drakkar meta in Bjora Marches, everyone is in the mood for something a little more laid back.

They both have low-level asura characters, so we party up and I join them in Metrica Province.

Revenant Progress

By this time, I have worked out that if I click F2 when the energy bar is at 100%, Legendary Dwarf Stance gives me four buffs:

  • Unblockable (5 seconds)
  • Alacrity (4 seconds)
  • 50% damage reduction (3 seconds)
  • Resistance (3 seconds)

This is… fine, I guess.

In theory, this could be useful. But I haven’t trained my eye to notice when the energy bar is at 100%, and energy apparently decays if you don’t use it. In practice, I have only been able to apply those buffs to myself twice so far.

At some point I will unlock the ability for F2 to swap out my action skills as well, but I’m not there yet.

In other words, a baby Revenant is… pretty lame.

Leveling With Friends

Leveling together with friends never works out the way you think it will. The key is to be flexible about your definition of “together.”

We scatter, everyone wandering off to do their own thing. When someone finds an event, they call it out, and we join up to complete it. Events provide a good amount of XP. When you’re leveling, you want to participate in any event you find.

Challenging Group Content

I check the boss timer on the wiki and learn that the Fire Elemental world boss event will take place in half an hour. Perfect timing, since that’s about how long it will take for us to work our way up to Thaumanova Reactor from where we’re at.

Four of the five starter zones have boss fights which are excellent for leveling characters. (For reasons unknown, there is no boss meta event in Plains of Ashford.) These starter zone meta events are made up of multiple events, and each event gives you a bunch of XP. Plus, you are guaranteed to get at least one item of gear as a drop.

A Good Night’s Work

The good news is, I get a mace as a drop from Fire Elemental. This is a relief, after struggling to kill things with Revenant staff.

The bad news is, I get a better helmet, but it looks like I’m wearing a catcher’s mitt on my head.

A truly unfortunate hat

By the end of the night, I have completed 44% of Metrica Province, and gained eight levels. Not too shabby for two hours of work.

I’m stacking food, utility, Birthday Booster, and guild hall XP buff along with the community-wide “Welcome Back” event buff which grants +30% XP gain. This is a great time to be leveling a new character!

Out of all the professions, I’ve never given Revenant a fair try. I decided to start a Revenant, go through the leveling process, and record the journey.

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