Jackal Mount Guide

Guild Wars 2 jackal mount concept art

The GW2 Jackal mount is a giant dog with a teleport blink skill as its special movement mechanic. The Jackal can also use the swirling sand portals which are found on the Path of Fire maps. The Jackal’s eyes can be recolored with dyes in the Equipment tab of the Hero Panel.

Jackal speed

Across flat ground, the Raptor with its special movement skill is faster than the Jackal. However, the Jackal is faster over uneven ground or on an uphill slope. This makes the Raptor a better choice for running races.

Where do you get a jackal mount?

You can find Jackals at the Sand Jackal Run waypoint in The Desolation map. Finish the heart and pay 200 Trade Contracts plus 20 Gold to get a Jackal right then. You can come back later to buy the Jackal, but it will cost 200 Trade Contracts plus 30 Gold and 40 Silver.

Note: The heart will not appear until you have unlocked level 3 mastery of either the Skimmer or the Springer.

Jackal masteries

It costs a total of 14 Path of Fire Mastery points to completely level up the Jackal mount.

  • Level 1: Enhanced Evasion Evade attacks while using the movement skill. Cost: 2 Path of Fire Mastery points.
  • Level 2: Bolster Allies Grant Barrier to nearby allies when using Pounce. Cost: 3 Path of Fire Mastery points.
  • Level 3: Shifting Sands Use the Sand Portals found on the Path of Fire maps. Cost: 4 Path of Fire Mastery points.
  • Level 4: Adroit Evasion Share the attack evasion ability with all mounts. Cost: 5 Path of Fire Mastery points.

Note: Mounts are part of the Path of Fire expansion pack. You must have Path of Fire in order to get mounts.

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