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Advice from a seasoned player! Learn proven, legitimate, up-to-date strategies for earning gold in Guild Wars 2. Get an overview of the best ways to earn gold, with tips on how to maximize your time investment and have fun playing the game.


Doing the daily achievements is the #1 best way to earn gold in GW2. Each time you complete your dailies, you earn 10 achievement points, plus 2 gold.

This is by far the best investment of your time, given that many dailies can – with some strategy and forethought – be completed in under 15 minutes.

For help on the fastest way to complete daily achievements, see this page on the official Guild Wars 2 wiki.

Note: If a jumping puzzle is one of the dailies, go to the jumping puzzle and look for mesmers porting people. This will most often be indicated by one or more tags (either Mentor or Commander tags).


For the most part, farming is no longer an effective way to earn gold in Guild Wars 2. For various reasons, material costs have dropped significantly over the past few years.

The Silverwastes

There are a few exceptions, notably the Silverwastes gold farm. To make the best use out of this, you will want to find a RIBA map and use a “bag opener.”


If you have Bitterfrost Frontier unlocked (requires Living World Season 3) the Winterberry farm is quite profitable. Learn how to turn Winterberries into gold.

Heart of Thorns Meta Train

If you have the Heart of Thorns expansion pack, join the “HoT Meta” train every day around reset. Check LFG for a squad, or just tag along. Loads of players cycle through the following Heart of Thorns meta events, particularly right around reset:

  • Verdant Brink: Wyvern Matriarch
  • Tangled Depths: Chak Gerent
  • Auric Basin: Octovine

Each of these meta events drops tons of loot. You can also select items from a chest for completing the meta. Choose Amalgamated Gemstones and sell them on the Trading Post. Currently, Amalgamated Gemstones sell for about 1.75 gold apiece.


As a rule, crafting is NOT a profitable pastime. However, there are a few things you can craft and sell at a profit. Many of these are time-gated items. The market tends to run strong on these items because players need a lot of them, and don’t want to have to wait several weeks crafting the items themselves.

  • Exotic armor is always a good bet. Berserker’s Draconic armor is particularly profitable, especially if you farm the Cured Hardened Leather instead of buying it on the Trading Post.
  • Empty Kegs are profitable if you farm the flax seeds, Mithril, and Elder Wood yourself.
  • Grow Lamps are required for Skyscale and the Mawdrey backpiece. These time-gated items only cost about 80 silver in materials, but sell on the Trading Post for 7-10 gold.

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