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GW2 empty loading screen

I have been eagerly following the Prime Gaming GW2 rewards. The newest one is a free Heroic Edition plus some extras.

“What am I going to do with a free copy of the game?” I wondered.

GW2 already has a free version of the core game, although there are some restrictions on free accounts. Most of the F2P restrictions are sensible and designed to prevent botting and griefing. However, you can’t buy dyes on the Trading Post. No dyes? NO THANK YOU.

But then I thought, what if… what if I started over? Wouldn’t that be fun to write about? And thus, the Fresh Start series was born.

After setting up my account, I launched the game, and patiently waited for my character model to load.

GW2 empty loading screen

After a few seconds it dawned on me.

Moving on!

Since this is only the core game, I can’t be a Revenant. I considered buying the expansion pack to unlock Revenant, but that would have required me to get up and fetch my credit card from the other room, and it seemed too far away. So I chose Ranger.

Ranger is a great all-round class, especially for beginners. It’s the class I chose as a beginning player, way back when. On the down side, it’s also the class my boyfriend has played since Guild Wars, and I love him more than any other person on the planet, but sometimes he can be a “backseat Ranger.” And yes, you can tell him I said so!

As always, the hardest part was choosing a name. I finally settled on Quinn Bitterfrost. Her family comes from the Bitterfrost Peaks in Gendarran Fields. And won’t she be surprised when she finally makes it to the Bitterfrost Frontier?

As a die-hard weekly key farmer, I went with the Commoner background. As always, my biggest regret is I never joined the circus. Obviously.

GW2 character creation

I took the easy skip through the tutorial mission and quickly found myself loose in Queensdale with no titles, no guild, no dyes, and only the default starter backpack.

GW2 fresh start loose in Queensdale

What have I done???


  • Level: 1
  • 0 Karma
  • 17 Achievement Points
  • 72 Copper

Friend me! Account name ScoutWarband.7091 character name Quinn Bitterfrost.

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