Fresh Start Part 2: A Beautiful Night in Queensdale

GW2 covered bridge queensdale

Off to a good start, or so I thought. My login reward was 2 Mystic Coins, which sell for a good amount of money. I was so excited!

GW2 sell mystic coins on trading post

Until I discovered I don’t have enough money for the listing fee. Womp womp!

I deposited them into materials storage for now. Let’s remember to sell those when I have the princely sum of at least 23 Silver.

The Prime Gaming GW2 bundle includes an 18-slot box, 4 Heroic Boosters, and an armor chest with your free copy of the Heroic Edition. I picked the Krytan armor set (medium weight).

The armor set exploded into my inventory like when you accidentally rip open a bag of chips too hard and fling chips all over the room. Not only do you get a full set of armor, you get a full separate set of the skins for each piece, too. I guess this makes sense for a brand-new account which doesn’t have any Transmutation Charges, but also, why? Why so many things.

I equipped all the armor pieces, then painstakingly deleted each skin, which requires you to type in the name by hand. Ain’t nobody got the inventory space for all that.

I’m grateful for the 18-slot box and the Heroic Boosters, though. I need all the help I can get. I’m also grateful for players who plant banners at the entrance to the covered bridge in Queensdale.

GW2 covered bridge queensdale

Thank you, kind souls!

I decided to start by helping Farmer Diah, the nearest Renown Heart. Yes, you can help her out by killing Plains Wurms or reviving her scorched corn, but I prefer to entertain her cattle.

GW2 dance for Farmer Diah's cattle

It’s exactly what it sounds like: Approach one of her cows, click F to “Entertain,” and your character starts dancing. Cows love it when you dance at them. You can tell because pink cartoon hearts start bubbling out of their heads. Just like in real life!

Farmer Diah gave me a pittance of Karma for completing all her tasks. I spent this tiny amount on a Loaf of Bread and a Tiny Sharpening Stone for the XP boost. (+10% XP from kills for food and utility consumables, you can carry one buff of each.)

I moved on to helping Fisher Travis at the river, then Foreman Flannum at the Western Divinity Dam. While at the dam, I earned a Trick-or-Treat Bag for having carved my third pumpkin. I immediately sold it on the Trading Post for the astronomical (to me) sum of 3 Silver 14 Copper.

Eager to pick up my coin, I headed straight for Divinity’s Reach. As soon as I loaded into the map, I received a bonus reward: 2 Kegs of Liquid Karma for the Extra Life Community Goals.

Riding high on my 15,000 Karma, I took a minute to donate money to Team Arenanet’s Extra Life fundraising campaign. Click here to do the same, and check the Gem Store for exclusive Extra Life fundraising items.

While I was at it, I added some gems to my account, then bought the 2021 Extra Life Donation Bundle. In addition to some much-needed Karma boosters, this also snagged me my first title (The Extra Life) and mini (Mini Circle of Love Lady Wisteria). Starting to feel a little less naked now!

GW2 teapot irrigation Queensdale

To close out my session, I left the hustle and bustle of Divinity’s Reach and headed to one of my favorite spots in the game. Just south of Farmer Diah’s ranch is a field being irrigated by teapots. I love to stand there and listen to the sound of the rotating water spray. Such a peaceful place.


  • Level: 5
  • 15,368 Karma
  • 34 Achievement Points
  • 6 Silver 1 Copper


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