Fresh Start Part 3: The Prettiest Swamp

GW2 bearbow ranger

I started settling into my account as I leveled up and unlocked basic features. Level 5 unlocks the Pet Management interface for Rangers. I immediately named my bear Otis.

Gathering unlocks at level 9. Salvaging and crafting unlock at level 12. By that point I was starting to feel normal. Especially after I remembered to turn on autoloot (Game Menu > Options > “AoE Loot On Interact” and “Autoloot: Autopickup” while you’re there, also turn on “Show All Usable Object Names”).

My boyfriend walked by while I was marveling at my empty bank. “Look what a baby she is,” I cooed. “She doesn’t have a single thing in her bank!” He shook his head and kept walking, unimpressed.

GW2 empty bank
Isn’t it darling?!

Of course, level 10 famously unlocks the first chunk of Personal Story. I say “famously” because one of the rewards for completing the level 10 Personal Story is a Black Lion Chest Key. You can earn one key per account per week by completing level 10 Personal Story. Thus, the weekly key farm.

I’ve been key farming on my main account for months. Every Saturday morning I sit down with a cup of coffee and watch YouTube videos while I use tomes to level up a character and power through the key farm. This method takes about 20 minutes, and is a pleasant way to start the weekend.

GW2 Logan Thackeray's office
Hanging with my bro, Logan Thackeray

But it’s not a weekly key farm if it’s your first time, is it? At any rate, I plowed through this chunk of story with delight, eager to see what I might unlock from the Black Lion Chest at the end.

You can probably guess where this is going.

GW2 bank not empty
It was too pure to last for long.

I’m not really complaining, though. I also received a trophy item worth 2 gold, which vastly improved my financial situation.

Next I puttered around Queensdale for a while, doing hearts and events and leveling up quickly thanks to my long stack of buffs.

I did the game’s easiest and most boring renown heart, located in Claypool.

GW2 hold
Hold…. hold…

I finished my day by heading to Godslost Swamp for my first world boss, Shadow Behemoth.

GW2 ranger pet
Otis says hello

Before I bid farewell to Queensdale, I spent some time taking selfies in the swamp. I’m sure this place smells terrible, but it looks gorgeous, especially at night.

GW2 Godslost Swamp
So twinkly!

Fun fact about me: When I first started playing GW2, I didn’t realize there was more to the map than Queensdale. I thought Queensdale WAS the map.

I spent about 40 hours in Queensdale before a friend found out about my misunderstanding. After she stopped wheeze-laughing herself half to death, she showed me the portal I had overlooked at the back end of Swamplost Haven.

Anyway, I love Queensdale, always have, always will, but I’m not super invested in spending any more time there than I already have in this life.

Off to Kessex Hills!


  • Level: 17
  • 16,731 Karma
  • 93 Achievement Points
  • 2 gold 14 silver 44 copper


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