Fresh Start Part 4: In which I do a Scrooge McDuck-style dive into a pool of gold coins

GW2 Canton Factorium vista black citadel ascalon vista viewer

Dailies are a ridiculously easy way to make gold in GW2. If you’re familiar with the game, you can usually finish your dailies in about 15 minutes, and there’s your 2 gold per day.

When I was a brand-new player in 2014, it took me months to earn my first gold. MONTHS. But here I am, having played less than five hours on this account, about to make 2 gold for the second day in a row. Times change!

The dailies were Ascalon Vista Viewer, Shiverpeaks Forager, and Caledon Forest Event Completer. I tackled the easiest one first, going to the Canton Factorium vista in Black Citadel.

After checking the world boss timer (more on that later) I opted to burn some time doing Caledon Forest Event Completer next.

Event Completer can be a real struggle if you don’t have mounts and waypoints unlocked. I’m new to the map, so I started by running around to pick up all the waypoints. Even then, players finished a lot of events faster than I could tag in.

My savior here was the longbow, with its ridiculous range. Without it I never would have been able to reach the events in time.

GW2 Caledon Forest

Caledon Forest is so pretty, but it’s a little too froo-froo-sparkly for me, if you know what I mean.

Off to Wayfarer Foothills to complete the dailies with Shiverpeaks Forager. Having checked the world boss timer, I knew that Frozen Maw would be starting in about 15 minutes. Just enough time (I hoped) for me to run there from the first waypoint on the map.

The norn, human, asura, and sylvari starter maps each have a world boss you can do as a new player:

The level requirements for world bosses are just a loose suggestion. If you show up as an under-leveled character you’ll be okay if you stay with the group. If you get downed, other players will revive you, or you can go to the nearest waypoint and run back.

As such, world bosses are a great way for new to earn a ton of XP, get loot, and explore new maps. (Don’t just get stuck in Queensdale for 40 hours like I did!)

While I waited for Frozen Maw to start, I completed Shiverpeaks Forager and earned that sweet, sweet gold. Then I killed some time by puttering around the map picking up waypoints, participating in events, and doing renown hearts.

Several renown hearts seem to have broken mechanics that have never been fixed. Or maybe I’ve just never figured out how to do them. One such mechanic is at Help Kevach maintain his lodge. I have never once been able to catch a thrown keg, and believe me, I have tried!

Instead I settled for the traditional norn way to wake drunks who have passed out in the snow: By pouring a bucket of cold water on them.

GW2 wake drunks in wayfarer foothills


After all that, I got called away from my computer just as Frozen Maw was starting, and I missed the entire event chain. Oh well, it happens.


  • Level: 20
  • 20,744 Karma
  • 112 Achievement Points
  • 4 gold 14 silver 12 copper


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